Heart Transplant

8 Things to Know about Heart Transplant

February 1, 2022
Heart transplant surgeries are a life-saving procedure for several people these days. People with diseased or weak hearts can lead a life like no
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Heart failure

Heart Failure: Types, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

January 24, 2022
Heart failure is a terrifying condition that is eventually occurring more commonly in people these days. However, unlike the name suggests, the h
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Dr. Manav Manchanda Interview On New Wave Of COVID

January 17, 2022
Question 1- Do children also develop symptoms like fever after the vaccination, will they also be recommended paracetamol to treat the problem? D
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Heart transplant surgery

First Heart Transplant Surgery in Haryana

January 7, 2022
Highly Complicated Cadaver Surgery; A 31-year-old Patient suffering from Heart Failure gets new lease of Life A team of surgeons led by Dr. Amit
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Virus Protection

Is Omicron Riskier For Infants Than Other Variants?

December 22, 2021
While people were probably preparing their children for the upcoming exams or planning for Christmas break, the WHO announced a new coronavirus v
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All You Need To Know About Omicron

December 16, 2021
Since November 24, there has been some disarray and chaos among people. So it was after the World Health Organisation confirmed the Omicron varia
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Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant Candidacy: Criteria and Requirements

December 8, 2021
Heart transplant or cardiac transplantation is an operational process in which the patient’s unhealthy heart is replaced by a well-function
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Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant Surgery- How To Do The Preparations And What To Expect?

December 2, 2021
Heart diseases are more common these days than they ever were! The lifestyle we lead, the environmental factors, food intake, and work pressure c
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Skin care

Give The Best Gift To Your Skin In Winters

November 27, 2021
Flaky skin, chapped lips, itchiness, and roughness on the face, oh yes, you know the winter is here! Along with white snow, winter also brings wh
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Smog Pollution

How To Protect The Lungs From Smog During The Winter Season?

November 23, 2021
The arrival of the winter season reminds us of the coziness. It brings along the enthusiasm for Christmas, Santa, Snow, and delicious delicacies.
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