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Urology Kidney Transplant

The mission of “Asian Centre for Urology and Kidney Transplant” is “caring for what matters most”. This department is providing the best services for urological treatment not only in Faridabad but also in Delhi NCR and northern India.

The department takes pride of its efficient team members.  Our highly experienced team extends every possible healthcare need in treating and managing urological disorders while ensuring seamless operations. The facilities and technology are regularly updated with newer techniques in order to treat complicated cases with precision and perfection. Our urologists are dedicated towards constant research and development to improvise the surgical services, especially minimally invasive surgical procedures to ensure excellent postoperative results and faster recovery.

The medical services of this department are supported by an array of high end equipment to offer complete urological care that are unique and far superior to anything presently available. This department at Asian Hospital provides realistic treatments for all kinds of genitourinary problems like kidney stone, bladder stone, kidney disease and failure, all urological infections and infertility, urinary incontinence, prostate gland and uro-oncology.

It is not a single super speciality, but incorporates many super specialties to ensure best patient care. The department provides comprehensive treatment and diagnostic services for adult (both for males and females) and pediatric urological conditions. This institute is highly recognized in India as well as in neighboring countries as one of the best hospitals for kidney transplant. An integrated kidney transplant program is practiced in this hospital to add years to lives of those critically ill patients with acute renal failure. Kidney transplant can occur either from a living donor or a deceased donor, based on compatibility of certain physiological factors.

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