Are you celebrating Diwali with a newborn? Here is how you can safeguard your baby.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is near; maybe it is your little one’s first Diwali! Of course, you will prepare for the day and have a bigger plan for the festivity. But did you ever think that apart from planning for the festival, you must also prepare to safeguard your child?

Yes, it might be surprising, but you must take precautions on Diwali if you have kids. 

Your child may be allergic to the smoke and have respiratory issues. Then, of course, fire is another thing you must take care of. Noise pollution, air pollution, and electric current are other issues you must consider. If you ignore these facts, the special day might turn into a severe accident you may regret throughout your life.

Hence, here are some tips you must follow to safeguard your kids this Deepawali.

  • Do not give the baby an adult diet- Some parents tend to give babies sweets or dry fruits on Diwali. But even a bite may harm your baby. Also, do not give them packed or preserved juice. Always remember your baby’s age and give them what they can digest. Please do not give them something just for the sake of the festival, which can cause a health issue.
  • Baby Proofing the house is essential- Everyone loves to light up their homes on Diwali. But make sure that you cover all the switchboards, check all the sockets, and ensure that no loose wires are hanging around. If lights hang outside the doors or windows, re-check that your baby cannot reach there.
  • Keep in mind the comfort of your baby- Diwali is the time when you meet all your relatives and friends. Your child will see many new faces at this time. People will come to your house, and you will go to theirs, but your child may not be comfortable with this. Some children do not like going in the arms of new people. They cry and become cranky, seeing so many new faces. So please do not force your child into someone’s arms. It will irritate the baby.
  • Clothes- Bright, sparkly clothes might be what you would like your baby to wear. But Diwali is close to winter, so that the season change can cause diseases. So give your child a little warmer clothing. Also, the fabric should be such that it does not catch fire easily. Avoid buying dresses with synthetic material. Another thing is do not go for long and loose clothes; they can also catch fire easily.
  • Noise- The children are generally not habitual of too much noise around them. But during Diwali, there will be too much noise for them. New voices, loud music, and the crackers’ sound. You can either cover their ears with a muffler, or the best you can do is cover their ears with ear muffs. It will prevent them from loud disturbances.
  • Crackers and the child– Bursting crackers can harm your baby in several ways. The air pollution it causes can affect the baby and cause respiratory problems. There are chances of the child catching fire and, of course, noise pollution. It would be best if you avoided crackers. But if it is your ritual or you have burst crackers, try purchasing eco-friendly ones. Nowadays, they are available in the market. Use sprinklers or flower pots instead of rockets. Make sure to keep a distance from your child from the crackers.
  • Always have your attention on the child- The child should not be unattended on this day, even for a minute. Parents, grandparents, the baby’s nanny, or someone responsible should always be around the child. Leaving the child alone is very risky.
  • Decorative items and safeguarding- The more attractive the diyas, candles, and artificial flowers are, the more harmful they are. The colors and the materials used to create these beautiful-looking decorative pieces are very toxic to health. You must make sure your child does not get his hands on them. And if he does, immediately wash his hands with soap before the child puts his hands in his eyes or mouth.
  • As a homemaker, you must be busy decorating and cooking delicacies for everyone. But do not hang your baby around you while doing these chores. There are chances of accidents, like the baby might fidget around while you are frying something. It can lead to hazardous events.
  • If you are fond of making rangoli, then too keep your child away. Now you may wonder, if rangoli colors are made from sooji, how would they harm the baby? Since the makers make these colors with sooji, there are chances that ants, rodents, and rats will come around it to eat. These creatures might bite the baby if the baby is around it. Also, sooji is not harmful, but the colors they use to make it are definitely not good.
  • The baby’s schedule is important- Even though it is Diwali, your child is too small to understand. They may get cranky, irritated, and even fall ill if they do something other than their routine. Make sure the child receives proper naps at their time. It would help if you fed them properly.
  • Check the air quality- You can not control the outside world. You can’t stop people from bursting crackers. But you can somehow improve the air quality at your house. Invest in good quality air purifiers. These air purifiers or filters will help improve the air around you and your family. As a newborn, polluted air can be hazardous for the baby. So, just spend a little extra here just for the sake of your child.

These are some easy but essential tips you must not forget on Diwali if you have kids at home. Please do not ignore these factors. Even your little efforts can prevent big accidents. So, follow these yourself and share them with those with small kids at home to ensure their safety.

So, we wish you and your family a very happy and safe Diwali!

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors