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Preventive Health Check up – Invest today for a healthy tomorrow

Thanks to the advancements of modern medicine, people around the world are living much longer lives.  But now the goal of medicine is not just add years to life but quality to life.

Just like investing in a retirement fund, it is extremely important to invest in your health today in order to enjoy a healthy and productive life in later years.  Of course, an unexpected circumstance is part of life and often unavoidable.  Sometimes sudden accidents and illnesses can destroy our ambitions and seriously affect quality of life.

Most of these constitutional diseases start off very silently and the patient is unaware of their presence until it is too late or a catastrophic event occurs. This has prompted many corporate institutions and multinationals to ensure that their employees are checked to keep their experienced workers healthy to circumvent loss of effective man hours due to illness.

It is extremely important for us to do everything in our means to reduce the risks of the unknown. By educating ourselves, taking preventive measures, we can greatly increase our chances of avoiding or at least correcting and managing health problems as soon as they begin to surface.

The periodic check up also tells us what we our doing wrong with our bodies.  Once these unhealthy lifestyle habits and other risk factors are identified, the check up experience can become a launching pad for a drastic lifestyle transformation and improvement.

The vision of Asian Institute of Medical Sciences and Asian Clinic is an expansion on this, with a view to make these facilities available to the common man. Since the treatment of diseases has become very expensive, emphasis is on prevention and early detection.

Special packages are designed for corporate and Public Sector units at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences and Aian Clinic GK and Asian Clinic Palwal keeping in mind age, sex, family history, occupation and other environmental factors.

The aim of conducting PHC is

  • To prevent/detect diseases at a early stage and institute appropriate lifestyle changes with minimum medication
  • To offer a comprehensive and thorough health check package, tailor-made for the corporate sector and for specific common ailments (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiac problems, and cancer)

The packages at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences and at Asian Clinic G.K. are all-encompassing health checks for early detection of diseases. The Diabetic PHC package is tailor-made to access sugar profile control and to look for target organ involvement so that appropriate treatment can be offered in time. The cardiac or hypertensive package conduct a complete non-invasive cardiovascular check. Finally, a cancer screening PHC has been devised to prevent early cancers.

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