Child Heart Surgery

Get Corrective Surgery Done to Save Your Child’s Life

March 25, 2019
It can be a harrowing experience for parents to discover that their little bundle of joy has some congenital defect. It’s worse when they find
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Happy Holi

Prevent or Circumvent Health Issues Caused by Holi

March 18, 2019
Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the most joyful festivals celebrated in India. As with many other Hindu festivals, it celebrates the triu
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Kidney Transplant

Ensure Favorable Outcomes from Your Kidney Transplant

March 11, 2019
Why would you need a kidney transplant in the first place? When your kidneys have been under severe stress for a prolonged period, and are unable
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Kidney Health

Find Your Secret To Secure Better Kidney Health

March 11, 2019
Kidneys are vital organs of the human body and necessary for our survival. They perform the crucial function of filtering waste from our blood an
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Music is Medicine

March 7, 2019
Music is a universal phenomenon and has been common to all cultures and civilizations. Throughout human history, music has been used as a medium
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Best pressure points to calm headache

Relieving a Headache is in your Hands

March 7, 2019
A throbbing headache can hit you anywhere without a prior warning. As a result, you may have to pull out of an urgent meeting or your precious fa
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Kidney Pain

Address Kidney Ailments Before They Kill You

March 4, 2019
More than two lakh people die of kidney failure annually in India. You don’t want to add to those statistics. What is truly alarming is the fac
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Antibiotic Resistance

AMR — Know These Antibiotic Resistance Facts

February 25, 2019
Just as humans have been evolving over the centuries, microbes, fungi, parasites, and viruses which can engender various infections have been evo
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Copper Utensils

Use Copper Ware and Silver Ware to Store Drinking Water

February 18, 2019
Water is the basis of life. So, it is vital that the water you drink, and use for cooking should not be contaminated. Most people are aware of th
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Oral Cancer

Factors Which Can Increase the Risk of Oral Cancer

February 11, 2019
Malignant cancers are among the leading causes of death in India. Oral cancer, that is cancer which attacks the tissues of the throat and mouth,
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