Home Remedies for Treating Children and Adults for Monsoon Viral Fever –

August 5, 2022
Viral fever is one of the most common illnesses during the monsoon season. From children to adults, anyone can easily catch a viral infection. Vi
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Gastroenteritis- Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

July 12, 2022
Also called the ‘stomach flu,’ gastroenteritis is a highly infectious condition affecting the stomach and the intestine. Unlike other
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Seven Ways to Prevent Harmful Diseases This Rainy Season-

July 8, 2022
While traveling under the scorching heat, working in the field while the sun sucks up our energy, all we hope is for the rainy season to come soo
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What are the signs and symptoms of a heart attack in women?

July 7, 2022
People believe that heart attacks can only occur in men and not in women. But it is not true. Even though heart attacks are more common in men th
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National Doctor’s Day 2022: Let’s Honor Our Saviors!

July 1, 2022
Whether between a family function or a tragic event, a doctor is always there to cater to his patient’s needs whenever he gets an emergency
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Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate seeds: Health benefits, uses, side effects, and more

June 29, 2022
Pomegranate is a round shaped red colored fruit which has edible seeds inside it. These red ruby-like seeds are juicy and delicious to eat. But a
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Don’t Ignore Unexplained Weight Loss: It Could Indicate A Serious Problem-

June 27, 2022
Are you losing weight without doing anything for it? Have you suddenly seen a drop in your weight suddenly? If yes, my friend, this is something
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Does Yoga Help Manage Stress, Anxiety and Keep You Relaxed?

June 21, 2022
Yoga has been a part of our culture since ancient times. It is because Yoga has magical effects on the body, both- physically and mentally. It ha
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IVF Treatment May Risk Up Postpartum Depression in Pregnant Mothers: Experts

June 16, 2022
The way today’s lifestyle is, it is affecting the human body extensively. Lifestyle changes, stress, and hassled life are the primary reaso
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Monkeypox: What is it, and how can we prevent the spread?

June 13, 2022
When the entire world was just worrying about the Covid-19 virus, another virus erupted, Monkeypox, leaving people in a dilemma and panic. People
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