Thalassemia – A Blood Disorder – An Awareness

May 8, 2022
Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that passes to children from parents through genes. In this disease, blood doesn’t make hemoglobin
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Drinking Alcohol Can Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

May 5, 2022
According to a vital body of evidence, drinking ups the risk of breast cancer. Although, women are unaware that drinking habits could affect gett
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Tips to Prevent Sun Rashes & Sunburns in Summer

April 26, 2022
Even though the sun is almost 93 million miles away, over 1 in 5 people feel itchy and rashy skin in sun exposure. We could call it a much-pollut
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Eating a Healthy, Balanced Diet Leads to a Healthy Liver

April 19, 2022
The liver is the largest internal organ of the human body. From detoxification to metabolizing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, our liver plays
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6 Benefits and Downsides of Walking After Eating

April 15, 2022
It isn’t easy to make time for workouts in a hectic lifestyle. However, going for a walk after a meal is a tradition in many Indian families. A
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world health day

World Health Day: A Healthy Environment Leads to Healthier lives

April 7, 2022
All older adults advise us to keep our surroundings clean, healthy, and positive. They tell us repeatedly that a healthy environment leads to a h
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World TB Day

Is the recurrence of Tuberculosis more life-threatening?

March 24, 2022
Have you had Tuberculosis in the past? Is the treatment over? Are you really over the risk? The answer is a big no! Many people who have had trea
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National Vaccination Day

Vaccines: Saving, Protecting, And Enhancing Lives

March 16, 2022
”Vaccination”, a word that scares several people, actually has the power to save, protect, and enhance people’s lives. Vaccines
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Can A Healthy Diet Lower The Risk Of Cervical Cancer In Women: Says Diet Experts

February 25, 2022
A large number of women die of cervical cancer all around the globe. Moreover, cervical cancers are deadly if not treated at an early stage. Cerv
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chemotherapy hair loss

Chemotherapy And Hair loss: What to Expect During the Treatment?

February 19, 2022
Whenever doctors recommend chemotherapy to patients, they fear losing their hair. The vision without hair haunts them. But, once they start with
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