Importance of Oral Hygiene

March 19, 2020
Say Cheese with Sparkling Oral Health Oral health demands care every day as it comprises our precious whites and the tongue – the machines
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All You Need to Know About the Corona Virus

March 18, 2020
Unlike what you may have been told, coronaviruses are a group of viruses, not one single virus. These viruses include the Middle East Respiratory
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kidney pain

Kidney Stone — Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

March 17, 2020
When a young manager suddenly collapsed in office, clutching at his groin while writhing in pain, his colleagues were aghast. They rushed him to
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Keep Your Skin And Hair Safe From Holi Colours

March 9, 2020
Skin & Hair Need Wholly Care on Holi Holi is the festival filled with euphoria and fun. People across India cannot resist celebrating this ju
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Prepare For Summer: Tips you should keep in Mind To Stay Healthy

February 26, 2020
This year let summer be the time for your children to laugh, play, and learn by keeping them healthy and active. Summer means heated lazy long da
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Healthy Heart

The Most Effective Home Remedies for Lower Cholesterol

February 14, 2020
You must be well aware of the harm that cholesterol does to your heart when it hits unacceptable highs. However, all cholesterol is not bad for y
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All You Need to Know How Alcohol Affects Our Kidneys

February 6, 2020
There are far too many celebrities who have died of cirrhosis of the liver because they indulged in a glass too many of some kind of alcohol, too
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Obesity In Kids

Some Healthy Tips to Control or Prevent Obesity in Kids

January 28, 2020
For many people a roly-poly baby or toddler is the cutest. Unfortunately, this very misconception sets the stage for overweight as children turn
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Dry Skin Tips

Amazing Secrets to Get Rid Of Dry Skin In Winter

January 23, 2020
Just because it is winter you don’t need to look like something the cat brought in. More than peak winter, your skin suffers the most in the re
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Maintain Hair Health in Winters

January 18, 2020
Like for the skin, winters are dry and harsh on our hair as well. Cold winds, mist, snow, can turn our hair brittle and weak and take their shine
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