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Asian Hospital Faridabad is the first cancer hospital in Faridabad. It was established in 2010 and has successfully treated a lot of cancer patients since then. From prevention to detection, from treatment to palliative care, we cover all the parameters of patient care under one roof. We provide all facilities for our patients including operative rooms, pharmacies, radiation, laparoscopic advancements, robotic technology, and well-maintained infrastructure.

Our oncologists have experience, expertise and the right techniques which make them brilliant in their respective fields. We use different methods of treatment like chemotherapy, target therapy, immunotherapy, endocrine therapy or stem cell transplant depending on the patient’s need. Our Versius robotic assistant is a tremendous tool, with which the patients heal faster, and helps the oncologists to enhance their precision

Our staff- doctors,  nurses, pharmacists, technicians, coordinators, and haematologists, all come together to make this hospital the best cancer hospital in Faridabad.

The Cancer Treatment Centre at Asian Hospital is renowned for its brilliance in patient care and services. Our well-experienced oncologists are known for their perfection in their field of expertise. Our oncologists from different disciplines of surgical, radiation and medical oncology consolidate their experiences to provide the precise and best treatment for cancer patients. Hence, we succeed to offer synchronized services along with cutting edge infrastructure and facilities. We are devoted to offering the best treatment and patient’s satisfaction. The Asian Cancer Centre offers end to end services from prevention to early detection, comprehensive treatment, and palliative care; all under one roof for both adults and pediatrics.

Diagnosis and Prevention

Early detection and diagnosis play a crucial role in cancer treatment. Cancer can be detected in the early stages by screening and seeking prompt medical attention.

Diagnosis and Prevention Of Cancer

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