How is Robotic Bariatric Surgery a helpful approach to losing weight?

Sometimes we try all sorts of weight management ways, be it yoga, following a specific diet, going to the gym, or other such methods. But unfortunately, we are not able to lose weight. It can also indicate some serious health problems. 

In such cases, doctors perform bariatric/ Laparoscopic surgery to help obese people lose weight. It includes a couple of procedures, and all together comes bariatric surgery. 

But with time, bariatric surgery has also enhanced itself, and now robotic bariatric surgery is available, which is even more beneficial than traditional surgery. 

Do you want to know how? Then, keep reading because here in this post, we will tell you how you can benefit from robotic bariatric surgery. 

What is robotic bariatric surgery?

People with over a hundred pounds of weight generally go for bariatric surgery. In this surgery, of course, they lose weight. But other than that, it also reduces the risk of diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, and fatty liver, manages cholesterol levels, and maintains one’s metabolism. In addition, it regulates the satiety level of the person. That means it controls the number of calories you can absorb. Finally, it also reduces the hunger signals that travel from your digestive system to the brain and vice versa. All in all, it modifies your digestive system, mainly the stomach.  

In robotic bariatric surgery, the robotic system assists in performing the surgery. It is a myth that a robot performs the operation in robotic surgery. But the surgeon controls the hands of the robot and conducts the surgery. They follow similar procedures in traditional weight loss/ laparoscopic surgeries but in a better way. For example, regular manual surgery requires bigger incisions, but in this one, you will have smaller incisions, less pain, and faster recovery. 

How is robotic bariatric surgery helpful?

The people under the class three obesity category cannot lose weight. It is almost impossible for them to lose weight because their bodies accept their “lightweight as “normal” weight. Robotic bariatric surgery helps them cut out their weight which can otherwise be very dangerous for their health. 

With robotic-assisted surgery, the person experiences less pain than with open surgery. It is so because the cuts on the body are smaller in robotic surgery. Therefore, the marks will be less, the incisions will heal fast, and there will be fewer stitches as in traditional surgery. 

In robotic surgery, the patient gets an earlier discharge from the hospital, and you can soon go back to your work, unlike in manual surgeries. 

It is safer as the doctor gets a three-dimensional view of the internal body. In addition, the doctor performs the surgery through robotic hands, which can easily bend and go where regular cannot.

What conditions other than weight loss can robotic bariatric surgery treat?

Obesity is not just associated with excessive weight. But there are so many other health issues that come along with being overweight. 

Versius robotic bariatric surgery will help treat diseases like-

●      Fatty liver- Fatty liver can also be non-alcoholic. It is known as NAFLD or non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease. In this disease, the body starts accumulating a lot of fat in the liver. It also causes liver inflammation, which can damage your liver with time. 

●      Heart diseases- A very common outcome of obesity is heart disease. The buildup of plaque inside our arteries is very dangerous. It increases the chances of heart strokes and heart attacks. Another cardiac malfunction can also occur due to being overweight. Robotic bariatric surgery prevents congestion of the arteries and prevents heart failure. 

●      Diabetes- If you are obese, there will be excess fat storage in your body. This excess fat storage will lead to insulin resistance which eventually causes Type 2 diabetes. The chances of type 2 diabetes increase by 20 percent with each point that increases on the body mass index scale. 

●      High blood pressure- Obesity increases your blood pressure levels. When your hypertension increases, the blood flow in your vessels increases, putting you at risk of a heart attack. 

●      High cholesterol- High cholesterol, also known as hyperlipidemia, is the excess of fats in your blood. These lipids or fats can block the vessels, especially the arteries, which can be a reason for heart strokes, and you might then need stunts. 

What should I expect after robotic bariatric surgery?

After your bariatric surgery with robotic assistance, you will have some pain, but it will be less than 

the normal open surgery. The doctors will send you home from the hospital maximum within 48 hours of the surgery. Around 50 to 75 percent of your excess fat and weight will be reduced after this surgery. 

The doctors might call you for regular check-ups during the first year of the surgery to ensure that your digestive system is doing well. 

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