Post-Surgery Recovery: Mistakes That Hinder Your Progress

Surgery is the route to get rid of a problem. It is the toughest way you take to win the battle against a disease. Hence, it is evident that you would like to reap full benefits of the surgery. However, there are some common mistakes that halt your progress after a surgery. It happens with everyone as soon as they get indulged in the day to day life.

However, it is a must for you to not commit such mistakes in order to recover fast. So, let’s take a look at some of the mistakes you must not make during post-surgery recovery period.

Getting back to work quickly or overexerting yourself

Work is something which is on peoples’ mind even when they are at hospital. Thus, they do not waste any time in getting back to work as soon as they are discharged from the hospital.

However, it is not recommended. The reason being you have to drive and have to do lots of efforts at work. It increases the chances of your surgical incision getting opened if you experience any push near it.

Not taking medicines/ pain killers regularly

Some people may tell you that pain killers are addictive. You may have also heard that it may give you constipation and can make you nauseous. It may lead you to skip them during the medication period. However, specialist don’t agree with you if you do that.

As per the experts, pain can hinder with your sleep as well as appetite. Moreover, it can also make it tough for you to heal quickly. Hence, you must not skip any type of medicines.

Quitting breathing exercise

For the people who have surgery on belly, lung, heart or spine, doctors recommend breathing exercises. This exercise helps your lungs to recover from anesthesia (it is the medicine that keeps pain away from you during the operation).

Lots of people make the mistake of stopping this exercise without consulting with the doctor. It slows down their post-surgery recovery. So, you must do this exercise regularly.

Driving too early

Your doctor may suggest you not to drive for weeks or even months after a surgery. It is for your own gain, so you must not take this advice casually. The reason being that your surgical incision may open up due to the heavy breaks or bad roads while driving. Thus, it is better to take lift from a friend or family member.

Staying in bed for too long

Many people are scared about moving around after the surgery. However, moving around boosts your post-surgery recovery. So, you must not stay in your bed when your doctor instructs you to move around.

Movement is necessary because lying in bed for a long time can give birth to the blood clots, pressure ulcers and pulmonary embolisms. Furthermore, it can also weaken your muscles.

Experts also suggest that you should sneeze and cough carefully while recovering. Post surgical recovery requires a lot of patience and taking all precautions as suggested by the doctor. In case you experience problems or slow progress in your recovery, immediately get in touch with him.


Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors