Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

Increase immunity:

Avoid health issues from escalating, or even occurring, by regularly drinking ginger tea which increases non-specific immunity.

Cure illnesses:

When the juice of the ginger root (Zingiber Officinale) is infused with the brew of chamomilla leaves, also known as tea, it becomes a medicine which cures several illnesses from the common cold to headaches and nausea.

Natural Remedy for Colds and Infections of the Lungs:

Ginger tea can be made by adding grated ginger, paste, powder, or ginger juliennes to tea which is drunk for medicinal purposes. Note that ready-to-use ginger tea is not as efficacious as freshly made ginger tea. Ginger’s water-soluble alkaloids and phytochemicals dissolve in water during preparation of the ginger tea. So, when honey is added to it, ginger tea becomes a magic potion to cure congestion of the chest, asthma, and wheezing coughs.

    The cure for Nausea:

    When a little lemon juice is added to it, ginger tea helps fight off nausea caused by a headache or travel sickness or even simply indigestion. Quite a few patients have found relief by drinking ginger tea when suffering nausea after surgery or chemotherapy. Use of ginger tea to overcome morning sickness during pregnancy is dicey as a few patients have reacted adversely. Do so only under professional guidance.

  • The panacea for indigestion and digestive issues:
  • For most people drinking ginger tea without lemon juice is a panacea for flatulence and hyperacidity.

  • Fight Different Ailments with Ginger’s Versatile Properties:Ginger has natural antiviral properties, thereby helping to fight ailments as it also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and magnesium with small quantities of iron and calcium.

  • Pain reliever:Ginger has anti-inflammatory and muscular relaxant properties which results in ginger tea relieving cramps and other kinds of muscular pains caused by strain or mild injury.
  • Improve Blood Circulation, Reduce Risk of Cardiac Issues:Drinking ginger tea regularly improves blood circulation, thereby improving overall health. Reduced cholesterol levels guarantee better cardiac health by keeping the blood vessels free from blockages.
  • Lose weight: Ginger tea improves metabolism to cause weight loss.
  • Detox naturally: Detoxification results from the antioxidant properties of ginger tea.
  • Stave off cancer:These properties also kill the free radicals in the body to diminish risk of developing cancer.
  • Fight depression::Above all, the serotonin in ginger tea uplifts the mood to help overcome dysthymia (chronic mild depression). So, unless you suffer from low blood pressure, go ahead and enjoy your steaming cup of ginger tea.
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