Courtesy of doctors and nursing staff is very good. I would recommend Asian hospital to others.

Patient Name: Gaurav

Doctor Name: Dr.Kesar

I have done preventive health check-up and my TMT report has some problems and further suggested for Echo. Dr. attend me and I am fully satisfied with Dr. and hospital facility

Patient Name: Aruna

Doctor Name: Dr. Subrat Akhoury

Meeting Dr. Gunjan Bhola was extremely good. I was satisfied by her treatment and behavior towards me and my issues

Patient Name: Priyanka kumari

Doctor Name: Dr. Gunjan

We are satisfied with the services. Doctors are goods and staff are also cooperative

Patient Name: Surjeet

Doctor Name: Dr. Meenakshi

Nice and satisfactory response by the doctor as well as from the reception counter. Kind and helpful behavior

Patient Name: Babita Aggarwal

Doctor Name: Dr. Anita Kant

Dr. Pranjit Bhowmik has a good nature. He always is kind to me. I am sincerely thankful to him

Patient Name: R.C. Gulati

Doctor Name: Dr. Pranjit Bhowmik

I am satisfied with the facilities of the hospital and doctor also. I am thankful to Dr. Anita Kant

Patient Name: Sapna

Doctor Name: Dr. Anita Kant

Dr. Subrat is very nice doctor and I am totally satisfied with his way of treatment

Patient Name: Pratik

Doctor Name: Dr. Subrat Akhoury

Full thanks to Asian Team. Highly satisfied with the treatment

Patient Name: Seema Sharma

Doctor Name: Dr. Kamal Verma

Very satisfied with the depth and knowledge of the consultant doctor. Dr. Nitin has thoroughly explained to me all the details and I am truly happy with the diagnosis and treatment are given to my child

Patient Name: Harman Preet Singh

Doctor Name: Dr. Nikhil seth

He is an excellent doctor. Get the best advice as expected

Patient Name: Silky Aggarwal

Doctor Name: Dr. Rajesh Budhiraja

All services were good and up to high standards. Doctors and Nurses also carry high standards of professionalism

Patient Name: Sushil Yadav

Doctor Name: Dr. Pranjit Bhowmik