Courteous and polite behavior outside the doctor’s cabin

Patient Name: Arun

Doctor Name: Dr. Subrat

It’s good to go. They understand the problem. I salute to their work.

Patient Name: Shyamal

Doctor Name: Dr. Rishi

Very dedicated doctor. His approach to the patients is very gentle. God bless him

Patient Name: K.L. Dhan

Doctor Name: Dr. Rishi

Everything is ok. Doctors are also good and very helpful people.

Patient Name: Harsh Kumar

Doctor Name: Dr. Rishi

Good facilities and capable doctors are what a hospital needed and you have that.

Patient Name: Bishwambhar Jha

Doctor Name: Dr. Rishi

Very satisfied with the treatment and services I have got for my father

Patient Name: Vikram Pratap Singh

Doctor Name: Dr. Rishi

I am very happy with the treatment by Dr. Rishi Gupta

Patient Name: Vishwas Singh

Doctor Name: Dr. Rishi

Good behavior of nursing staff and excellent work. Thanks

Patient Name: Devinder singh

Doctor Name: Dr. sandeep

I am satisfied other person and Asian hospital is a good hospital

Patient Name: Anita Sharma

Doctor Name: Dr. Rajesh

I am highly impressed by the services provided. Nursing staff in PICU is too good especially nurse Nancy with her cute smile and soft nature.

Patient Name: Abhinandan Jain

Doctor Name: Dr. Arvind Gupta

The behaviour of the doctors as well as nursing staff is excellent

Patient Name: Kanta Bhatia

Doctor Name: Dr. Rishi Gupta

Good of the doctor and nursing staff and Very good at the waiting area of the hospital.

Patient Name: Ekta

Doctor Name: Dr. Gunjan
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