Celebrate World Kidney Day 2018 with RJ Raunac (Bauaa) Red FM 93.5

March 19, 2018

Asian Hospital Organized a program on the occasion of World Kidney Day and Women’s Day. Director of the Hospital Padmashree Dr. N.K Pandey, Mrs. Padma Pandey, Mr. Anupam Pandey, Mrs. Neha Pandey, Dr. Prashant Pandey, Dr. P.S. Ahuja, Dr. Reetesh Sharma and Dr. B.K.Upadhyay inaugurated the lamp lighting program.On this occasion, the free Wi-Fi facility was also unveiled by the Hospital for everyone coming to the hospital.While operating the platform of the program, RJ Raunac (Bauaa) Red FM 93.5 gave a message to those who went ahead in life to overcome the chronic kidney disease and to those who went ahead in life to lead a happy life and encouraged them to successfully achieve their goals.