Helpline : 1067
Ambulance : +91 9650922222

  • Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad has one of the best and state of the art Emergency Departments that is conveniently placed on the Ground Floor with a separate entrance for easy access of serious and critical patients requiring urgent care.
  • Department is manned round the clock by highly dedicated team of experienced doctors and paramedical staff, comprising 2 consultants and 6 medical officers, always ready to take any challenge.
  • Emergency Department has fully operational 22 beds that have the facility of continuous monitoring with pulse oxymetry at the bedside. Following the system of Triage Assessment, the Department has been divided into three zones on the basis of criticality of the patients. An Emergency Observation Ward/ Day Care with dedicated staff, comprising 11 beds is separately located within the Department.
  • Triage is fully equipped with Crash carts, separate for adult and pediatric patients, cardiac defibrillators, besides all the equipment required for resuscitation and early stabilization of critical patients and if need be, provision for ventilator is available as well.
  • For immediate assessment, without losing time in the precious Golden Hour, in critical patients, a dedicated Imaging and Sonology unit, manned separately, is available within the premise of the Department making it very convenient for quick assessment and thereby diagnosis.
  • A dedicated fracture clinic is also placed within the department so as to make it very convenient to assess and treat the patients within the premise.
  • Department also has a minor O.T./procedure room, comprising state-of-the-art O.T. lights and equipment for the patients requiring minor and short procedures.
  • Four critical care ambulances, with monitors, defibrillators and transport ventilators are fully operational. Any critical patient, viz complex road traffic accidents, cardiac, medical, surgical emergencies etc. requiring urgent and early stabilization can be transported to the hospital at the earliest under the supervision of trained, experienced doctors and paramedical staff dedicated for the Ambulance services in order to minimize any possible delays.
  • Ambulances are properly geared and manned to transport critical patients from distant towns and cities by Road and by Air for treatment in the hospital.

The concerned person can be contacted on the following numbers in case of any emergency:
Dr Satish Chaku-09650099101