Will COVID Cases Multiply Because of SMOG and Poor AQI

Will COVID cases Multiply because of SMOG and Poor AQI?

Delhi is choking and so are Faridabad, Noida, and many cities in Northern India. Major urban cities see a considerable rise in air pollution before winter fully sets in. But will Smog make people more vulnerable in times of COVID-19? This is the most important and critical question that everybody is probably thinking of at present!

To understand the smog and COVID implication we have drawn the parallels in the scenario. The analysis answers several questions but the major point that co-relates the two are the associated health conditions and symptoms.



Adverse health problems caused by smog



COVID-19 Symptoms

· From mild breathing difficulties to severe asthma
· Cardiovascular issues and related heart disease
· Stroke


· Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

· Cough & fever

· Fatigue, headache & body aches

· New loss of taste or smell


As the air quality deteriorates, the risks of contracting severe lung infections especially during the pandemic ring an alarm amongst scientists, healthcare providers, and people in general. And this raises the dilemma if smog actually makes us more vulnerable to contracting the Coronavirus or worsening the symptoms of it!


Understanding the link between Smog and COVID-19

One of the primary COVID-19 symptoms is breathing difficulties. Studies indicate that in an environment of bad air quality and immense smog and air pollution, COVID-19 patients are likely to suffer more while others may become more vulnerable to contracting pulmonary disorders. There is emerging evidence that breathing polluted can increase the risk of severe Covid-19 infections, hospitalisation and Covid related deaths. It may even prolong the post covid symptoms even if a patient was asymptomatic or showed only mild symptoms. Smog, air pollution, and small particles can cause breathing difficulties with long-term lung conditions like asthma.


Take All Possible Precautions Against Smog & COVID-19

  • Quarantine yourself for good and with an excuse this year!
  • Wear the mask to prevent yourself from double jeopardy – the Smog and the Coronavirus.
  • Avoid heavy traffic areas, construction sites, smoking – practice social distancing.
  • Consider using an air purifier at home.
  • Most importantly, boost your immunity, eat healthy food, and sleep well.


There are multiple speculations about how air pollution may hamper India’s fight against coronavirus yet no conclusive inference has been drawn. Nevertheless, as the saying goes – precaution is better than cure. When stepping outdoors, do not forget to put on a mask and carry a sanitizer. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the entire world to be a part of the digital boom and has inspired us to explore in unthinkable ways. So while it lasts, and till the government controls Smog, it is better to sit back at home for the time and protect yourself from unnecessary health hazards. Also, consider getting an Influenza shot as studies across the globe show that it moderates the impact of Covid and air pollution both.


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