11 Ways of Celebrating a Safe Diwali Amidst Covid-19

Diwali – the word rings in a picturesque setting of happy times with family, friends, foods, and loads of fun. Festive seasons are awaited because they bring the reason to forget the banal mundane everyday things and celebrate a memorable time with loved ones. And this year, the wish is no different! But 2020 is a special year!

Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, we have been forced indoors, living a quarantined life, secluded from all social activities. The new normal of wearing a mask and maintaining social distance, ordering groceries online, avoiding stepping out of the house and many such precautionary activities have also affected the way we celebrate our festivals. COVID-19 is not the only threat, with the possibility of smog exacerbating the effects of COVID, the need of celebrating a safe and eco-friendly Diwali is paramount. Because what is festivity without care and caution towards the environment and our loved ones?

As a responsible healthcare advocate, here are our top ten advice to make Diwali extra-safe for everyone around.

  1. Maintain social decorum, maintain social distancing – The idea of socializing during the pandemic has changed. Social distancing is the new normal to greet people and show them that you are concerned about everyone’s safety. Maintain the 6 feet gap, if at an event.
  2. Make Face-mask an important part of attire – Mask-up & encourage others to wear masks as a protective measure against Coronavirus and also smog that can also lead to several pulmonary disorders and lung congestion with long term effects.
  3. Don’t inhale toxins this Diwali – It is necessary to keep in mind that both smog and Coronavirus attack the respiratory tract in the human body. Burning crackers and fireworks releases harmful air pollutants which when inhaled can trigger asthmatic conditions; thus, keep away from crackers.
  4. Diwali tip of using a sanitizer – Sanitizing hands has become a habit during the pandemic, but do remember that the alcohol content in sanitizers can cause damage when comes in contact with fire. Therefore before lighting diyas, make sure not to use sanitizer for your safety.
  5. What fabric you wear is important – Prefer cotton garments over synthetic ones, especially for children and the elderly. Don’t wear very flowy or loose fitted clothes either, specially while lighting diyas or bursting crackers, if at all!
  6. Placement of diyas and candles: Because the festival of lights is essential about decorating the house with candles and diyas, make sure they are kept away from doorways, electrical wiring, curtains, etc., to avoid any kind of unwanted accidents.
  7. Travel safely when outdoor –Avoid going to crowded places. If at all required, avoid congested market places, high traffic areas during the occasion as such areas have poor air quality and more pollution.
  8. Have a soundproof Diwali – Keep earplugs handy, especially for your children and aged family members as the loud noise of crackers and traffic can trigger or escalate anxiety and unrest.
  9. Stay safe, Stay indoor – Stay indoor and organize an intimate party set up with close family members.
  10. Stay prepared for unprecedented events – Keep sand and water handy, so that if there is a sudden fire or a rocket crashes in or someone else’s crackers land in your premises you can easily put them out.
  11. Keep your first aid box handy – Most importantly, check on your first-aid boxes and keep emergency numbers handy. Every year during Diwali, loud noises, and air pollution leads to many emergency medical situations across the nation.

Festivity is supposed to bring us happiness and connect us through the common good. Let this Diwali bring you joy and happiness and a reason to look out for others around you, including your family, pets, neighbours and the environment. Have a memorable time and keep safe.