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Staying Safe When Lockdown is Lifted

Not only India, but a major part of the world has been under lockdown for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. For now, the lockdown period has been extended by the Indian government for our safety. However, with zone wise ease in restrictions and increasing movement of people, it becomes imperative for all of us to take adequate preventions to avoid and spread the infection.

Let’s discuss the same in this write-up.

Wear a mask outside

Wearing a mask is the easiest and the best protection you can offer yourself while going outside. It is possible that cases of coronavirus will come even if lockdown is lifted and anyone can come in contact with an infected person. Covering your face with a mask can definitely help you avoid that risk.

Avoid Public Transport

Public transport will also resume once the lockdown is lifted. In India, numerous people commute through public transport. All the public vehicles are crowded and people cannot practice social distancing. Hence, it’s better to use personal vehicles and avoid public transport to stay safe.

Go outside only if necessary

It is evident that you must be eager to go outside after being at home for around 2 months. However, remember that the risk of coronavirus will still be there even if lockdown is lifted. Stay home most of the time like quarantine days and go outside only when it is urgent to keep the coronavirus risk away.

Don’t eat outside

India is the hub of mouth watering street foods. However, you cannot be sure of the hygiene of that food and it may be hazardous for health to consume such food. Hence, avoid eating outside and eat food that is cooked well to safeguard your health.

Carry sanitizer everywhere

A sanitizer can be your reliable friend while going outside. Carry a sanitizer while going outside and rub it on your hands after touching any surface to stay safe.

Precautions while coming home

Returning home with reduced risk of the virus can ensure better health for you and your family. Disinfect your hands before touching the doorknob and other touch points while getting back home. Head straight to the bathroom to take a head bath and put your clothes separately in a laundry bag, or preferably, just wash them.

Practice Social Distancing

Whether you are attending a business meeting or some other event, make sure to maintain social distance like you did during lockdown. Follow this precautionary measure everywhere to counter the risk of coronavirus.

Use Mobile Wallets

To minimize the risk of contact through cards or cash, use mobile wallets for purchases as much as possible.

Remember to follow this guide while going outside once the lockdown is over to secure your well-being and also spread awareness among others to ensure safety for everyone.

This post was published on June 4, 2020 11:02 am

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