How to Ensure Better Health For Women

Women’s Health is Her Strength

The health and seamless functioning of a family revolve around the health of its women. While a female’s good health is indispensable for the entire household, it often takes a backseat and gets neglected, trapped in performing multiple roles. Various health issues may hamper the lives of women at different ages and a woman needs to be proactive when it comes to taking care of her health.

In this article, let’s explore easy ways to ensure better health for women.

Begin with exercise

Exercising can help you escape the scares of different diseases related to heart, obesity, cancer and many more. Find 30 minutes five days a week out of your busy schedule to workout and you will be doing a great favour to your health. You can start with easy aerobic exercises such as walking, dancing, jogging, swimming and bicycling, which are all good for women’s health.

Have a healthy diet

Having natural foods in your diet lays the foundation of great health for everyone. Incorporate a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Also, make sure to have whole grains, high fiber foods and low fat dairy products. Avoiding foods and beverages with high sugar, salt, calories and fat can also compliment health. Snacking healthy is also possible by replacing junk and unhealthy snacks with raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and broccoli. It will help you maintain a healthy weight throughout life.

Quit risky habits

Smoking or inhaling cigarette smoke can be disastrous for a woman’s health in different ways. Smoking makes one more prone to develop cancer, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts and gum diseases. You can also experience early menopause. Hence, quit smoking for good. Consumption of alcohol can also cause various health issues. So if you consume alcohol at all, ensure that it is in moderation.

Prioritise sleep

Whether you are a homemaker or a working woman, finding time to sleep can be tough. However, women who don’t get ample sleep are at the risk of developing heart disease, weight problems as well as memory-related issues. Lesser sleep can also hamper productivity and emotions. Ensure at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Cultivate better sleep habits by not drinking caffeine before going to bed and avoiding screen time before sleeping. Read a book instead of watching TV or using a mobile phone before sleeping.

Undergo annual health checks

Most women don’t see a doctor unless they are sick and in the meantime can develop some ailments. Taking a preventive health check-up can be the best bet to preserve better health for you. You should opt for blood pressure and high cholesterol levels check-ups. Having periodic diagnostic checkups, pap smear test, mammogram, HPV screening and osteoporosis screening can also put your health on the right track.

Along with it, you should also curb stress by meditating, practising deep breathing and avoiding negative thinking. This way you will be able to ensure comprehensive health for yourself at every age in life.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors