How To Protect The Lungs From Smog During The Winter Season?

The arrival of the winter season reminds us of the coziness. It brings along the enthusiasm for Christmas, Santa, Snow, and delicious delicacies. But with the changes in the environment, winters can be dreadful for some people. It is so because of the smog and the respiratory problems that we have to go through.
From congested chests to breathlessness, our lungs go through a lot!
So to prevent your lungs from struggling throughout, we have brought some tips for you. These tips will help you enjoy winters instead of running away from them.

Why are there issues with lungs in winter?

You must have heard every second person has some respiratory issue during the winter season. Some have coughing, some face chest congestion, others have bronchitis or asthma. It is because the air is dry during winters and has no moisture. So it irritates your respiratory path causing all these problems.
Apart from this, smog is in the air. You breathe in, and all the polluted and hazardous air gets inside your lungs, which can be dangerous. It is a tough time for people with chronic lung diseases like asthma and COPD.

Here are six tips that will help in keeping your lungs healthy-

  • Hydration is the key –
    You might be wondering what hydration and water have to do with the lungs! But this is a grave mistake that a lot of people make. Drinking plenty of water is a must even in winters. People tend to cut down on their water intake due to the cold. But not drinking enough water will only result in clogged airways. To keep respiratory organs clean, you can even take some steam time and again.
  • The magic of Eucalyptus oil-
    Eucalyptus oil yields fabulous results while dealing with the lungs. However, you must sometimes apply it to your chest or add a couple of drops to your nose.
    Eucalyptus oil extracts mucus from the lungs and trachea, making your airway clear. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants, so it even strengthens your immunity.
  • Addition to your breathing style-
    During winters, you must make some extra effort for your breathing. First, you can try the deep breathing technique. It lifts the diaphragm and reaches the lungs better. You can even try out diaphragmatic breathing, which lowers the diaphragm and gives a deeper breath. Finally, try to keep your breathing equal. It means that keep the number of inhales and exhales equal. You can even join some breathing club if you find it necessary.
  • Laugh out loud!
    Yes, laugh as much as possible. It helps clean our lungs. Since our abdomen expands, the lungs get rid of the existing air and fill in the fresh air. So it is a great therapy to keep the lungs healthy.
  • Don’t miss out on fitness-
    Exercise, work out, do yoga and stay fit. If you do not work out regularly, you will tend to slouch and will spoil your posture. In addition, Slouching weakens our lungs because the rib cage is right behind them. Therefore, you must stretch out whenever you get time.
  • Eat Lung-friendly food-
    Include food items that are beneficial for the lungs in your diet. Avoid eating excessive processed food. Instead, include beetroot, which helps raise the oxygen in your body. Eat lots of peppers; these can even help smokers. Make it a habit to eat an apple daily; it is found highly beneficial for your lungs. Apart from all these, you can include green tea, broccoli, cabbage, turmeric, pumpkin, and its seeds in your diet.
  • Keep your house clean-
    It is mandatory to keep the house free from any dust particles or dirt. It can result in respiration problems. Disinfect the furniture, curtain, and carpets. Use vacuum cleaners and disinfectants. If possible, keep all the things in the sun for some time as the sun is a natural disinfectant.
  • Masks are a must!
    It would be best if you try avoiding going out when there is too much smog. But if it is too important, never skip the mask. The pollutants in the air will directly go through your nozzles into your lungs. So wear a firm mask to avoid this.
  • Ensure proper ventilation-
    As it is, you can have shortness of breath during winters and smog. Moreover, if you do not allow proper ventilation in your surroundings, it will cause many problems. So, make you have some vent or a window for proper ventilation to take place.
  • Smog and winters can be dreadful if not taken care of. But you have to prepare yourself beforehand. And nothing will stop you from enjoying winters.

    Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors