Give The Best Gift To Your Skin In Winters

Flaky skin, chapped lips, itchiness, and roughness on the face, oh yes, you know the winter is here! Along with white snow, winter also brings white flakes for us every year. As soon as winter arrives, our skin becomes rough and irritated.
But this winter, you will not have to face any of these as we have brought some fabulous tips to make your skin look flawless even during winter.

  • Too hot water will make you less hot!
    It feels amazing to take a shower with boiling water. But this is not at all good for your skin. It immediately makes your skin red, which later becomes dry and flaky. It might even irritate the skin later. So use lukewarm water instead of burning water.
  • Maintain the moisture-
    With a fall in temperature and low humidity, your skin produces less oil. Moreover, when you wash your face or other body parts, even that bit of moisturization vanishes away. Therefore, you need to moisturize more in winter. If you do not moisturize properly, along with dryness, you will get a lot of wrinkles on your face.
    You must moisturize your face and skin right after you wash them. You can use a moisturizer made up of shea butter, milk, almond, or coconut. You can also use body oils like argan oil, virgin coconut oil, and olive oil to moisturize your skin.

  • Never miss the SPF!
    People tend to miss sunscreen, thinking that the sky is grey, but this is a grave mistake. Whether you see the bright sun or not, you have to apply sunscreen after moisturizing. The sun might not be visible to us because of the haze or smog, but it is present there in reality. Its UV rays can cause immense damage to our skin. So, apply a generous layer of SPF after applying your moisturizer.
  • Switch to winter-friendly products –
    With the change in weather, your products also have to be changed. For example, you cannot use the same face wash in winter as in summer or monsoon. During winters, all your products should have moisturization properties in them. Do not use cleansers and creams with glycolic and salicylic acid; they tend to dry up the skin. And we don’t want that as it will make the skin scaly. You can use a cleanser with honey, milk, aloe vera, Kesar, Hyaluronic acid, and other moisturizing ingredients that suit you. In the same way, choose your moisturizer with ingredients that provide more hydration.
  • Don’t skip the exfoliation routine-
    Reduction in humidity and dry air makes the skin flaky. In addition, it results in drying up the cells faster than in summers. Hence, there are more dead cells during this period. Thus, exfoliation becomes mandatory to get rid of these dead cells. You can use a ready-made exfoliator, or you can make your scrub at home. Whatever you use, make sure that the granules are not too harsh on your skin. Also, you use some hydrating agents like honey, aloe vera gel, tomato juice, or milk as your mixing agent. If you are purchasing a scrub, try to find one with lactic acid in it.
  • Stay hydrated from within-
    If you only use hydrating and moisturizing agents from outside, they might only yield results for a short period. But if you hydrate your body from within, you will have long-term results. Drinking plenty of water is necessary even in winters. If you find it too cold to drink water in winters, you can drink lukewarm water. A lot of vegetables and fruits with good properties are available in winter. You can extract their juice and drink that. It will purify your skin from within.
  • Eat the right food-
    Winter is the season when everyone loves eating. But, most people gain weight during winters, as they love to eat hot beverages and mouth-watering sweets. But my dear friends, you need to look after your eating pattern just like your hydrating pattern. Include food supplements that are rich in omega-3, omega-6, and fatty acids during the winter season. You can include fish oil, walnuts, olive oil, flaxseed, and avocados in your diet.
  • I agree that it might be tough to maintain flawless skin in winter. But if you follow the above tips, I am sure you can achieve soft and supple skin even during winters. So, set aside your lazy self, follow the tips, and give the best gift to your skin in this winter season.

    Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors