Have You Noted, 10 Energy Foods To Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

10 foods to say no during pregnancy are :

  • Fish and seafood full of large amount of mercury, Listeria
    and bacteria

Fish such as swordfish, tuna, tile fish and shark contains large amount of mercury. Mercury can either damage the brain of the fetus or can cause disabilities. Fish like walleye, bluefish, salmon stays in contaminated water. These fish are coming across with polychlorinated bi-phenyls.

Smoked Sea-food like jerky, kippered and lox, nova is rich in listeria affect the fetus. So, it’s better to avoid these foods during pregnancy.

Instead of that if you want to eat fish, then eat fish contains less mercury. It should grilled at 145° F and contain omega-3 fatty acids & Sea food at 165° F.

People are drinking milk to get calcium and nutrients from it. But milk and juices, consumed in cans from a lot of days lead to food poisoning. It contains bacteria deposit in the lower intestine of our body. So, avoid these foods during pregnancy.

If anyone still want to have them, then boil first.

  • Partial or un-cooked egg & Bis-phenol A (BPA) containing food

Many people like eggs because they are yummy and rich in proteins, but, pregnant should worry. Partial or un-cooked egg contains bacteria cause vomiting. Also food such as cookie, cake, pastries, mayonnaise contain raw egg.

Canned food, refined from long time contain BPA which effects on the fetal activity. So these should not take during pregnancy.

  • Avoid having raw Sprouts of vegetables

As many people also love to have sprouts in their diet plan for proteins. Pregnant women should know that they can’t have them. The raw sprouts came from coastal areas contain viruses & bacteria which can cause food poisoning also.

So, avoid raw sprouts during pregnancy. If anyone wants to have them then, boiled or cooked by adding some salt to them.

  • Prohibit the fruits and vegetables that are not washed

All people know well to wash fruits and vegetable, but no-one aware of the reason. They contain protozoan affect the child & found on outer layer of fruits & vegetables.

So, you must have to wash or keep them in water for a few minutes before eating.

  • White or blue color cheese contains E coli

Cheese which is soft made from unpasteurized milk contains colored cheese (blue, white & pale). These contain listeria and E coli which affect the fetus. So avoid these cheese foods during pregnancy.

Still wants to eat cheese, then have off white & hard cheese. Also make clear. it is from pasteurized milk.

  • Nuts which can cause allergic reactions for pregnant women

Nuts like peanut, almonds, cashew and walnuts contain fatty acids like omega-3 are good to have. During pregnancy, it can affect the body like swelling and digestion problem. So avoid such food during pregnancy.

If someone wishes to have them, consult your gyne-cologists.

  • Stale salads, rich in listeria

Stale salad also known as (बासी सलाद) is not good during pregnancy. It includes veg & non-veg salad. They have listeria and also viruses which affect the fetus.

People can eat salad that fresh and healthy.

  • Alcohol results in fetal alcohol syndrome

Don’t ever mix pregnancy and alcohol. People are actually unaware of the disaster that alcohol does. It will increase the rate of miscarriage because alcohol in your blood mixes with fetus blood. Also, it will cause disabilities whether it is learning, speaking or listening. These cause known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). So avoid it during pregnancy.

  • Excess Caffeine and Herbal Tea

Many people are taking regular Herbal tea and related supplements in their routine. It is good for health, not to worry, but during pregnancy you have to worry. As it can show reverse effect on knowing pregnant women, which not aware of right herbs. Avoid herbs like senna, saw-palmetto, wormwood during pregnancy.

Caffeine is a type of drug contains methyl-xanthine. It found in hot chocolate, coffee and energy drinks. If it’s consumption exceed, it can cause absorption, stillbirth like problems. So avoid these drinks during pregnancy.

If anyone wants to have it then, take only 1-2 coffee or tea per day.

(source of image :www.thecandidadiet.com)


Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors