9 Ultimate Running Mistakes On Which Every One Should Focus

The common running mistakes of which every one should aware :

Right shoes

Choosing wrong shoes are the most common running mistakes, everyone does. Whenever you start for running, always wear the right and comfortable running shoes. You can also ask an intelligent salesperson for the right shoes. It helps your feet to take much stress while landing. Also remember to change your shoes after a suitable time interval i.e.300 miles.

Forgot the proper start and Finish

It is important for every workout to have a proper start and finish. It is another most common running mistakes we do. Always start with a light walk and then jogging and final sprint. Because if you start running directly, then you can’t go far. And After the running don’t forget to relax for a proper finish. It will make your muscles, stress free.

Don’t take trainer’s advise too seriously

It is advisable to have an advice from trained persons, but don’t take it hardly. Always do as much running as your body allows.

Proper diet post workout

Taking a wrong or no diet is another running mistakes we do a lot. Always have a pre and post snacks rich in carbohydrates, proteins like eggs and energy bars. It will help to build up the muscles.

Don’t Compare with other’s

Comparison with others is the most common running mistakes today’s generation are facing. Always do exercise and workout which your body allows. Also, don’t raise your running speed regularly by seeing others. The optimal increment in speed is 10% per week. So don’t run ever at others pace.

Right landing position

Proper position is the running mistakes of which beginners are unaware. It is usual while running we forgot to land in proper position because we are unaware of it. So instead of landing on your toe and feet, try to land on the middle section. Because it prevents your feet by taking the stress.

Proper rest

Many people are curious about muscle and weight loss. Because of which they make silly mistakes by not taking a rest. The rest is must to give time for building of bicycles. So take one day per week off to recover from minor injuries.

Proper clothes

Many of us also do this running mistakes. We generally wake up and wear shirt, pant or lower and start running. No, this is not the way to start. You always have to wear comfortable, dry fit, polypropylene and silk stuff. Because the cotton fabric absorbs the sweat which in result makes you ill in both weathers.


Always follow consistency in your workout. It doesn’t matter how long you run or walk. These running mistakes is highly shown. Generally, our generation started the work fast by seeing others but laid down in days or weeks. Doing this will make you more lazy and fat. Always have consistency to see better results. Make a proper plan before starting something.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors