How To Work From Home Efficiently During Lockdown

How to work from home efficiently during lockdown


Working from Home in Lockdown? Do it this way


The Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that followed gave little time to numerous companies and their millions of employees to plan their work from home.

The sudden situation has left everyone dumbfounded, people living a life never imagined before, but probably seen in movies. Many questions hang above now- how productive the employees would be while working from home, fears about the stability of the job, etc. While some are rejoicing the freedom from bosses, there are others who are in dire need of their guidance. Don’t forget the juggling with family responsibilities and technical faults that may make one cringe while working from home.


Read this piece of writing to learn how to maximize your efficiency while working from home.

Work like at office

To take a step towards working efficiently from home, set your work desk in a separate room, get all the technological things you need, sit on a chair and table, and dress up like you do on normal working days.

Little bit of makeup and hairstyling, why not?


Stick to your daily routine

Not going to work may make you sleep late and wake up late. As a result, you may not feel fully energized during the work hours and your work efficiency may get hampered. Hence, stick to your daily sleeping and wake up time. Also, have lunch at the same time like on the usual office days, dress up well during the work hours.

Lying down on the bed while working is a big NO!


Stay connected

Although, technology is there to help, but you may still miss out on vital work information while working from home. Hence, keep a check on all the office related communication channels. Moreover, make sure you are reachable and responsive during the working hours.


Limit distractions

Home is where the heart is, but it is not the most perfect place to work as well! There are numerous distractions, but alas, you don’t have any choice due to the lockdown. Try limiting your distractions by working in a separate room. Try making a schedule for the kids that keeps them busy while you are working. Keep a fixed family time and just mute those social media notifications. For household chores…keep your mornings and evenings free!


Attempt toughest tasks first

Make your to-do list first of all and prioritize your work. Attempt the urgent and toughest tasks first while your mind is fully active and you are oozing with energy. Spend time on other tasks later to manage the workload well.


Avoid stress

Fear of the pandemic, management of household chores, kids and office work can shoot up the stress levels. Curb stress by thinking positive and managing work efficiently. Furthermore, have fun with your family and friends at home to relieve the stress. You can also workout at home or do other physical activities such as skipping ropes and walking to boost your mental as well physical health during the quarantine period.


Moreover, get ample sleep, have a healthy diet and practice all the precautionary measures to stay safe & healthy. Organize and prioritized your work and leave the lockdown worries behind.