Effects Of Air Pollution On Human’s Health

Increasing levels of air pollution in Delhi NCR is a matter of serious concern these days, we at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences are getting more and more patients who have never got asthma before. People who are exposed to vehicular pollution and dust are more prone to respiratory illness. We are receiving more patients of younger age group these days, in these patients the lung function capacity was very low as they were either suffering from allergies which are directly related to dust or pollution said Dr. Hemant Goel, Sr. Consultant, Respiratory Medicine, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences.

Air pollution is a rising concern as it is not only affecting youngsters & adults but also to children, as it affects their growth. While they breathe more, they inhale more pollutants. And they also play outdoors. Keeping all these factors together, children are the most vulnerable group.

Air quality these days is pretty bad due to the ongoing construction work in and around Delhi NCR, vehicular pollution and industrial pollution. Evidence has accumulated to show that particulate air pollution is also linked to cardiovascular morbidity (angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure) and mortality. While we agree that there needs to be a comprehensive effort from the government to curb the pollution levels, the more immediate need is for the precautionary measures that can ensure the health and safety of the children and citizens of Delhi NCR “We at Asian hospital are doing comprehensive lung function test to screen & treat patients with respiratory problems like Asthma & COPD said, Dr. Hemant”

It is also recommended that patients already suffering from respiratory illnesses especially elder age group should refrain from early morning walks in such foggy conditions. While traveling by public transport they should use a face mask. All patients with breathing difficulty should consult respiratory diseases specialists & go for a lung function test.

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