Differences Between Coronavirus, Flu & Cold

Know Differences Between Coronavirus, Flu & Cold


Coronavirus is a never seen before pandemic that has left the world terrified. One cannot do anything but take precautions to safeguard the health. A lot has been written on the precautionary measures to avoid COVID-19, but understanding the difference between coronavirus, common cold and flu is crucial to spread positive vibes among the masses as they can panic as some symptoms of coronavirus, common cold and flu are same. Hence, let’s discuss the same in this write-up.


Coronavirus latest strain has never been experienced by humans earlier. Other strains of coronavirus cause mild symptoms like common cold. However COVID-19 can make one severely ill. Elders and people with underlying health issues such as heart disease, lung disease and diabetes are more prone to falling prey to coronavirus. Precaution is the only way to avoid this problem as there is no vaccine or cure available for this type of virus presently.



At the end of the winter, a lot of people catch flu. Flu is also caused by a virus that affects the sufferer’s nose, lungs and throat. You can experience this ailment for up to 7 days. Flu goes away without needing medical treatment generally. However, there is a vaccine available to prevent this health issue, so you can opt for the same to avoid getting flu. Staying at home and increasing fluid intake may also help.



Cold is another health problem that causes some similar types of symptoms that coronavirus and flu exhibit. However, the severity level of cold is very less than that of flu and COVID-19. Strengthen your immune system to keep cold away.


Differences explained


Symptoms Coronavirus Common Cold Flu
Fever Common Rare Common
Dry Cough Common Mild Common
Shortness of Breath Common No No
Headaches Sometimes Rare Common
Aches & Pains Sometimes Common Common
Sore Throat Sometimes Common Common
Fatigue Sometimes Sometimes Common
Diarrhoea Rare No Sometimes
Runny Nose Rare Common Sometimes
Sneezing No Common No


The season is changing right now and one might catch fever or cold. But do not panic!

Follow this guide to differentiate between coronavirus, cold and flu and stay calm! Stay at home during the lockdown period. If you experience any symptoms of coronavirus, then talk to a healthcare provider. You can also call at the Indian health ministry helplines to stay safe and healthy.

Toll-free Helpline Number: 1075 | +91-11-23978046

Helpline Email ID: ncov2019@gov.in

OR ncov2019@gmail.com