Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID pandemic brought with it massive losses for our society. Mankind has since realized how a virus can bring the bustling world to a halt. Luckily, the global efforts also shone amidst this time of distress – and the COVID-19 vaccine was developed in record time.

The world saw the biggest mass vaccination effort by nations to eradicate the novel virus.

If you are living in India, chances are either you are vaccinated or want to get vaccinated. If you are yet to register for your first Covid vaccine shot, we recommend you do it ASAP because of the following benefits.

Benefit #1. Gain Immunity Against Corona

COVID is a novel virus, that is, it was never seen before it struck us. Its deteriorating effects are well-known now.

While the mortality rate of infection is very less, Covid infection can still lead to many health consequences – especially in the aged people and those with comorbidities like diabetes, immune disorders, etc.

The prime benefit of getting the vaccine is obviously a strong layer of protection against all the variants of Coronavirus. Get your first jab as soon as possible and complete the dosage cycle on time to build maximum immunity against the ill effects of this virus.

Benefit #2. Go Out Without Worry

It is true that the lockdown is gradually easing out post the second wave. Yet, for unvaccinated people, it is still not advisable to go out unless for exceptionally necessary tasks and errands like a run to the pharmacy.

However, as life begins to return to normal, going out seems natural. And, those who have been vaccinated can do so without much worry. Even the first dose of vaccine (Covishield or Covaxin) gives you much protection against the risks of being infected. Though, we strongly recommend you to stay unexposed until after the second dose.

Our track back to normal life as a society depends upon how fast we get vaccinated. So, get your first shot as soon as you can.

Benefit #3. Reconnect With Your Loved Ones

Whether you have been previously infected or not, Covid has taken a toll on our social relations. While remote work is a norm now and meeting with friends, family, and colleagues seems like an unnecessary risk – not just because we can get infected with COVID, but also because we can be the carriers of the disease.

The covid vaccine gives you back this cherished freedom.

Those who have been fully vaccinated can meet their friends and family without fear or worry of being the carriers of COVID or being exposed to it by their loved ones.

So, get vaccinated and encourage vaccination to curb this pandemic!

Benefit #4. Long-Term Health Protection

Since the long-term effects of this disease are unknown, say after 10 years of Covid infection, it is wise to become immune now through vaccination.

Researchers and doctors are well aware of many infections that may lead to different health problems later down the line. For instance, those who get chickenpox and develop immunity are still likely to develop shingles after many years. While those vaccinated against the varicella-zoster virus are less prone to develop them.

This holds true for coronavirus as well. So, vaccination is the only way to avoid it.

Are You Vaccinated?

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