A Haven for International Patients in India: Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Affordable and quality healthcare is amongst the prime demands of people from across the world. Fortunately, India is leading on this front!

India hosts more than 22%+ patients from West Asia, 15.7% from Africa, and thousands of American patients for a variety of healthcare services and specialist consulting. From heart valve replacement and organ transplant to cancer therapies, Indian centres of medical excellence like AIMS are driving the growth of medical tourism in India.

World-class medical talent, cutting-edge technologies and international healthcare benchmarks are opening up the gates of opportunity for affordable & superior healthcare services options for everyone in India.

Let’s see why Asian Institute of Medical Sciences is a haven for international patients!

  • Cost of Quality Medical Services
  • In developed nations of the west (Europe & Americas), the medical advancement and technology-driven healthcare is on the rise. However, with such advancement, comes the burden of costs and inflation. Often times, most patients fall below a certain income category. And, if they do not have healthcare insurance policy for some reason, the cost of a simple routine surgery might bankrupt them.

    For instance, a mitral valve replacement agency in the US can cost anywhere between $1,30,000 to $2,50,000. This translates to INR 94,00,000 to INR 1,80,00,000 in the Indian currency – a massive amount for any common citizen by any standard.

    However, if the patients choose to avail their healthcare from medical speciality centres like AIMS, the same surgery can be availed for 1/10th the cost. For any international patient looking to avail affordable healthcare for routine of complex life-saving procedures, AIMS is certainly a haven.

  • Cutting-edge Medical Technologies
  • It is a misconception that healthcare in the developing nations lack technological prowess. The truth is far from this. No matter what medical treatment or sophisticated procedure is to be followed, centres of medical excellence like the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences are well equipped with latest equipment, devices and labs.

    Any foreign patient traveling to India for supreme and affordable healthcare services will be pleased to find technologies like media bridges, laminar air flow, and laparoscopic equipment.

    AIMS is also home to the first of their kind medical equipment and technology. For instance, AIMS is the only medical institute in Faridabad to host a Rotablator, Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) measurement, and Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging technology.

    All this clearly demonstrates the treatment capabilities of what is expected from an institute of excellence.

  • Comfort, Convenience & Facilities
  • We understand how important a foreign patient’s comfort, stay and overall experience is – besides getting highly effective healthcare. You’ll be glad to know that Indian medical institutes boast, even surpass, international standards of hospitality. AIMS is always eager and well-equipped to handle your;

    • Visa facilitation
    • International Cuisine
    • Airport Pick-up/Drop
    • Forex & Local food
    • Rehabilitation facility
    • Accommodation assistance
    • Language interpreters
    • Concierge services
    • Dedicated support staff and patient help desk

    With us, patients will find all the critical services like diagnosis, prevention, therapeutic, palliative, rehabilitative support and care under one roof. Moreover, AIMS is centrally located in the capital city of India, New Delhi. Our campus is easily accessible from the International Airport and Interstate bus terminals for hassle-free commutation.

    Accreditations and Certifications of Quality Healthcare

    Asian Institute of Medical Sciences not only hosts cutting-edge technology and highly skilled teams of medical professionals chosen from all across the nation, but also a mission and vision to eradicate critical ailments from the world. To testify on the standards of safety and quality, AIMS has garnered the NABH and NABL accreditations.

    Our feats and achievements are, of course, the by-products of a veteran medical team and staff that make it possible.

    Visiting us from another country and looking for excellent medical treatment at affordable pricing? Your search ends here.

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    Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors