Haryana Pulmocon 2020 -

Registration for Haryana Pulmocon has been postponed, and the new date will be announced soon.

In view of recent guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and family welfare and ASI, to avoid mass gathering We are forced to postpone Pulmocon 2020 till the spread of covid 19 settles.We will come soon with new date.

Dr Manav Manchanda Organising Chairman

Pulmocon 2020

Mechanical Ventilation Workshop & Scientific Program

Saturday, 11th & Sunday, 12th April 2020


Asian Hospital , Sec - 21A, Faridabad

Pulmonary Interventions

Saturday, 11th April 2020


Olympus Center, Gurugram

Radiology in Pulmonology Workshop Cum Classes

Saturday, 11th April 2020


Metro Hospital , Sec - 16, Faridabad

Organising Team

Dr. N.K. Pandey

Chief Patron

Chairman & Managing Director, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences



Senior Prof. & HOD (Respiratory), PGIMS Medical Collage, Rohtak, Chairman Haryana Chapter ICS

Dr. Manav Manchanda

Organizing Chairperson

Associate Director, Respiratory, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr. Vijay Agarwal

Organising Secretary

Director & Sr Consultant, Critical Care & Pulmonary Deptt. Metro Hospital, Faridabad

Dr. Sushil Dhamija

Organising Secretary

Secretory Haryana Chapter, ICS

Dr. Rakesh Chawla

Chairperson (North) ICS

Head & Sr. Consultant, Respiratory Medicine, Critical, Care & Sleep Disorders & Interventional Bronchoscopist, Jaipur Golden, Delhi

Dr. Manoj Goel

Course Coordinator

Director & HOD, Dept. of Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep Medicine at FMRI, Gug.

Dr. Sandip Bhattacharya

Course Coordinator

Director - Critical Care, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr. Shrikanth Srinivasan

Course Coordinator

Consultant and Head Critical Care Medicine, Manipal Hospital, Dwarka New Delhi

Organising Committee

Dr. Sunil Nagar
Dr. Parveen Kaur
Dr. Manu Shangle
Dr. Deepali Prashar
Dr. Priyadarshi J. Kumar


Dr. Ajit Thakur

Dr. Minakshi Manchanda

Dr. Ashok Sharma

Dr. Pratibha Dogra

Dr. Ankur Goel

Dr. Pritpal Kuar

Dr. Amit Dhamija

Dr. Pratibha Gogia

Dr. Ayush Gupta

Dr. R.K. Prasad

Dr. Anand Jaiswal

Dr. Rakesh Chawla

Dr. Anant Mohan

Dr. Rohini Gupta

Dr. Bobby Bhalotra

Dr. Rajiv Goyal

Dr. Bornali Dutta

Dr. Rajesh Chawla

Dr. Deepak Talwar

Dr. Supradip Ghosh

Dr. D Behera

Dr. Sandip Bhattacharyya

Dr. Dhruva Chaudhary

Dr. Sushil Dhamija

Dr. Deepak Govil

Dr. Shrikant Srinivasan

Dr. Gargi Maitra

Dr. Suryakant Tripathi

Dr. Girish Sindhwani

Dr. Sandeep Dewan

Dr. Himanshu

Dr. Sudha Kansal

Dr. Harsh Mahajan

Dr. Sumit Ray

Dr. Jitendra Sharma

Dr. Ujjawal Parakh

Dr. K.B. Gupta

Dr. Vivek Singh

Dr. Kamal Agrawal

Dr. Vijay Hadda

Dr. Loveleen Mangla

Dr. Vivek Nangia

Dr. Manoj Goel

Dr. Zafar Abbas

Dr. M.K. Mittal Prof.

Workshop (11th April 2020 Choose Any One)

  • Mechanical Ventilation Workshop
  • Saturday, 11 April 2020 | 08:00AM-05:30PM | Asian Hospital , Sec - 21A, Faridabad

    Time Topic Speaker Chairperson
    09:00AM to 09:20AM Basic Invasive Ventilation Dr R.K. prasad Dr Divesh Arora
    09:30AM to 10:00AM Are we ventilating our patients effectively Dr Deepak Govil Dr Mansi Gupta
    10:00AM to 10:30AM Optimizing respiratory management in resource limited setting. Dr Sumit Ray Dr Vipul Goyal
    10:30AM to 11:00AM Mechanical ventilation in asthma, COPD and obese patient Dr Ajit Thakur Dr Amandeep
    11:00AM to 11:20AM Tea Break
    11:20AM to 11:40AM ARDS Ventilation Dr Supradip Ghosh Dr Rajneesh Goyal
    11:40AM to 12:00PM Prone position ventilation good practices Dr Sandip Bhattacharyya Dr Himanshu Dewan
    12:00PM to 12:20PM Weaning Dr Jitendra Sharma Dr Sandip Bhattacharyya
    12:20PM to 12:40PM Ventilator Graphics Dr Ashok Sharma Dr Supradip Ghosh
    12:40PM to 01:00PM ICU Psychosis Dr Minakshi Manchanda Dr Ajit Thakur
    11:00AM to 11:20AM Lunch
    02:00PM to 05:00PM Table A - Basic ventilator settings Dr Deepankar
    Table B - Ventilator Graphics Dr Ashok
    Table C - Different Clinical Scenarios Dr Ajit
    Table D - ARDS Ventilation Dr Sandip Bhattacharyya
  • Pulmonary Interventions
  • Saturday, 11 April 2020 | 08:00AM-05:30PM | Venue: Olympus Center, Gurugram

    Time Topic Speaker Chairperson
    Session 1: How I do it
    09:00AM to 09:30AM Medical Thoracoscopy How I do it Dr Rakesh Chawla Dr Sai Kiran Chaudhary
    09:30AM to 10:00AM Bronchial Thermoplasty Dr Anant Mohan Dr Arunesh Kumar
    10:00AM to 10:30AM Transbronchial Lung Cryobiopsy How to do it Dr Loveleen Mangla Dr Shivanshu Raj Goyal
    10:30AM to 11:00AM Tea Break
    11:00AM to 11:30AM Linear EBUS: Relevant Mediastinal Anatomy Dr Bobby Bhalotra Dr Pratibha Dogra
    11:30AM to 12:00PM Linear EBUS: Technique & Processing of samples Dr Amit Dhamija Dr Anshum Aneja Dang
    12:00PM to 12:30PM Radial EBUS: Equipment and Technique Dr Ujjwal Parakh Dr Aditya Chawla
    12:30PM to 01:30PM How to optimize yield in EBUS Dr Pratibha Gogia Dr Avdhesh Bansal
    Dr Anand Jaiswal
    Dr Bharat Gopal
    Dr Himanshu Garg
    Dr Nevin Kishore
    Dr Sandeep Nayyar
    01:30PM to 02:30PM Lunch
    02:00PM to 05:00PM Medical Thoracoscopy Dr Pritpal Kaur Dr Ashish Kumar
    Linear EBUS Dr Gargi Maitra Dr Neetu Jain
    Radial EBUS Dr Aysuh Gupta Dr Shweta Bansal
    Bronchial Thermoplasty Dr Manoj Goel Dr Ajay Kumar
    Understanding Nuts and Bolts Olympus Team Dr Ashish Kumar
  • Radiology in Pulmonology Workshop Cum Classes
  • Saturday, 11 April 2020 | 08:00AM-05:30PM | Metro Hospital , Sec - 16, Faridabad

    Time Topic Speaker Chairperson
    09:00AM to 09:30AM Welcome note and overview of radiology in pulmonology Dr Kamal Agrawal Dr Neeraj Jain
    Dr Seema Bansal
    09:30AM to 10:15AM How to interpret X-Ray chest and radiological signs in various condition. Prof Dr M K Mittal Dr Ashok Kapoor
    Dr Manisha Mendiratta
    10:15AM to 11:00AM Role of USG in Chest Dr Shrikant Srinivasan Dr Vijay Goyal
    Dr Vijay Kumar Agrawal
    11:00AM to 11:15AM Tea Break
    11:15AM to 12:00PM Role of CT scan in ILD Dr Rohini Gupta Dr Nitish Arora
    Dr Nirmesh Verma
    12:00AM to 12:45PM Role of MRI and PET scan in chest imaging Dr Harsh Mahajan Dr Zafar Abbas
    Dr Pankaj Chhabra
    12:45AM to 01:30PM Radiological intervention in chest Dr Ankur Goel Dr Kumar Rahul
    Dr Danish Jamal
    01:15PM to 02:00PM Lunch
    02:30PM to 05:00PM Hands on workshop Statistics Dr Zafar Abbas
    USG in chest Dr Kamal Agrawal
    CT Scan - Diffuse alveolar shadows Dr Shrikant Srinivas
    Quiz Competition

Conference (12th April 2020)

  • Scientific program
  • Sunday, 12 April 2020 | Scientific Program | Asian Hospital , Sec - 21A, Faridabad

    Time Topic Speaker Chairperson
    09:00AM to 09:20AM Diagnosis of Asthma, its challenges and what is ACO Dr. D Behera Dr GS Chabbra
    Dr Parveen Kaur
    Dr Pratul Priyadarshi
    09:20AM to 09:40AM Role of biologicals in Asthma Management. Dr. Deepak Talwar Dr Bharat
    Dr Dinesh Mehta
    Dr Saket Sharma
    09:40AM to 10:00AM Latest Update & Combination therapies in COPD Dr. Anant Mohan Dr Pankaj Chabbra
    Dr Vishal Chopra
    Dr Prashant Bhatia
    10:00AM to 10:20AM Bronchoscopic Interventions in COPD Dr. Rakesh chawla Dr Vidya Nair
    Dr Rajesh Budhiraja
    Dr Rahul Sharma
    10:20AM to 10:40AM Adult vaccination, PAP therapies and pulmonary rehab. Dr. Pratibha Dogra Dr Kamal Gera
    Dr Ashu Arora
    Dr Kailash Naath Gupta
    10:40AM to 11:00AM Tea Break
    11:00AM to 11:20AM Approach to PAH; Esp. group 3. Dr. Dhruva Chaudhary Dr Sameer Singhal
    Dr Abhinav Dagar
    Dr Eema Choudhary
    11:20AM to 11:40AM Prevention and treatment of P. embolism Dr. Vivek Nangia Dr Mohit Gupta
    Dr Vipin Goyal
    Dr Anant
    11:40AM to 12:00PM Newer antibiotics in ICU Dr. Rajesh Chawla Dr Ramesh Chandna
    Dr Rajesh Gupta
    Dr D P Sudan
    12:00PM to 01:00PM INAUGURATION ORATION (Dr Jaikishan : TB in pregnancy) & LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Dr Kashyap Dr K B Gupta
    Dr Manav Manchanda
    Dr Sushil Dhamija
    01:00PM to 01:30PM Lunch
    01:30PM to 01:50PM HFNC Dr. Sudha Kansal Dr Manisha
    Dr Anand Agrawal
    Dr Ashok Sharma
    01:50PM to 02:10PM Ecmo for lung disease. Dr. Sandeep Dewan Dr Sandeep Malhotra
    Dr Saket Sharma
    Dr Sandip Bhattacharya
    02:10PM to 02:30PM Diagnosis & Management of NTM Dr Anand Jaiswal Dr PL Jindal
    Dr D K Kesar
    Dr Pankaj Goel
    02:30PM to 02:50PM MDR TB: New drug Combination Dr Suryakant Tripathi Dr Raman Kakkar
    Dr Bhowmik
    Dr Mahender Kumar
    02:50PM to 03:10PM Newer vaccines in TB Dr. Bornali Dutta Dr Manjunath
    Dr Prem P. Gupta
    Dr Shivkant
    03:10PM to 03:30PM Role of HRCT in ILD, when and where biopsy is req. Dr. Rajiv Goyal Dr Priyadarshi
    Dr Varinder Sain
    Dr Puneet Arora
    03:30PM to 03:50PM New drugs in ILD, Antifibrinolytics Dr. Vijay Hadda Dr Danish Jamal
    Dr Pawan Gupta
    Dr Ashish Arora
    03:50PM to 04:10PM Sleep and Metabolic syndrome. Dr. Himanshu Dr B K Singh
    Dr Praveen Malik
    Dr Pritha Nayyar
    04:10PM to 04:30PM Lung Transplant Dr. Vivek Singh Dr SB Sood
    Dr R K Chugh
    Dr Atul Gupta
    04:30PM to 05:00PM Eosinophilic Lung Disease Dr. Mayank Mishra Dr Pavni
    Dr Girish Sindhwani
    Dr Akshay Budhiraja

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