Paediatric Neurology

Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, is now providing top-quality expertise in detailed assessment and management, of any Paediatric neurological condition on one site, under the guidance of Dr Vijay Kumar Sharma Consultant Paediatric Neurologist. All kinds of rare genetic, metabolic and neurological problems like Autism, Hyperactivity (ADHD), Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy & Spasticity problems and neuromuscular weakness, are managed to the highest standards.
This is all provided on one site, by a multidisciplinary assessment team led by Dr. Vijay Kumar Sharma Paediatric Neurologist, with support from Child Psychologist/ Psychiatrist, Child Therapists, in a planned manner. All the latest investigation facilities like MRI, Video EEG, EMG/ENG, uncommon genetics blood and urine metabolic tests are also provided on-site.
There is a full range of support from Senior Consultant Paediatricians and NICU & PICU facilities on site.

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