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Asian Paediatric Cardiology & Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Centre offers leading edge technology for diagnosing paediatric heart conditions through its state-of-the-art paediatric cardiac catheterisation laboratory. With new advances in testing and treatment, most children who have congenital heart defects survive to adulthood and can lead healthy, productive lives. We, at Asian, are committed to make it a realisation.

Congenital Heart Disorders (CHD)

Treatment for most cases of CHD consists of either surgery or catheter procedures or a combination of the two and have a good success rate provided babies with CHD are diagnosed early enough and are given the appropriate medical attention.

Importance of a foetal echocardiography performed by a paediatric cardiologist ensures its timely detection and allows the family ample time to plan for the treatment of the newborn.

Our neonatologists handle the pre-mature low birth weight babies.

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
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