Yoga for Spinal Strengthening

Wishing everybody good health and a fit body on international yoga day. Embrace yoga for some time a day to keep yourself healthy.

Human spine is a complex structure and is made up of multiple bones (vertebrae) with a soft disc between these bones. The health of the spine depends on the normal curvatures of the spine and the strength of the muscles supporting it. Exercises in particular and Yoga specifically is a great way to keep the spine healthy and prevent many spinal problems. The specific benefits of yoga for the spine are:

• Maintaining flexibility and curvature
• Strengthening of muscles of the spine
• Stretching and relaxing of ligaments
• Mobility of joints
• Proper posture and balance

The essence of yoga is to be aware of one’s body and the various asanas help to maintain normal posture and balance. This, in turn, is most beneficial to the spine. It keeps the spine healthy and prevents various problems from happening. People who have spinal problems should take caution in certain poses which need forward bending of the spine.
Yoga does not believe in overdoing or overstretching the muscles. It believes in maintaining the various postures for gradual strengthening.

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