Yoga for Breast Cancer: Benefits and Best Poses

Fear of being diagnosed with breast cancer is common when the estimate says each 1 out of 10 women develops it every year. In such wise, we can not neglect the continuous research on yoga and its benefits in breast cancer. Same as other diseases, yoga for breast cancer is also in the frame.

Anciently developed form of exercise, yoga works for the entire body, including breathing, physical strength, flexibility, blood pressure, and more. It is also well known for its stress reduction properties and relaxation practices to prevent breast cancer.

In this blog, we will help you to answer all questions related to breast cancer. Let’s stretch.

Should You Perform Yoga for Breast cancer?

It is one of the most effective exercises; studies show it can reduce fatigue and improve the overall quality of life, including sleep.

So for better effects, you must add yoga to every stage of diagnosis. For example, if you are struggling with breast cancer,you can overcome multiple hormonal stimuli and the stressful mental stress of chemotherapy with the help of yoga.

However, if you have lymphedema or a poor lymphatic system, please ask your doctor if they recommend yoga practice safe for you. Also, make sure your yoga teacher is well trained and experienced who understands your acute condition.

Here are some yoga poses you should perform before, during, or after breast cancer.

Five effective yoga poses for breast cancer-

1. Fish pose- The chest opener yoga pose, matsyasana, is one of the best yoga poses for breast cancer. It directly affects your lungs, upper back, ribs, and, more importantly, your chest and breast. It helps in reducing scar tissues and stimulates lymphatic breast drainage.As a beginner and at risk of breast cancer, we suggest you use a narrow cushion and two thin blankets for starting this yoga pose. Use one blanket for sitting and the second one for upper back support.
1- Sit up straight with your hip on the blanket, and your legs should be in front of you. Feet together, heels slightly apart and active in a pose not rolling outward.
2- gently lie back while a long cushion or blanket supports your back and spine.
3- Lie down on all the props & rest your head back onto the mat while your hands rest next to your body. Keep your palm up, hands high or as low as to your shoulders.
4- Aware of your body, focus on the stretches, breathe deeply, and move the prop as per strength.
5- Hold the pose for 10 minutes and while coming out, exhale deeply.

2. Balasana(Child pose)- The yoga pose relaxes the chest muscles and hips, thighs, and back. We count this yoga pose for breast cancer because it calms the brain and relieves fatigue and stress.
1- Start on all fours (both hands and legs)
2- Exhale, lower the hips towards heels
3- reach the arms out in front of you
4- Breathe slowly and try to reach through your arms & shoulders as you keep your head to the floor.
5- Breathe deeply and hold the pose for 4 to 12 breaths.

3. Belly breathing- Breathing exercises might look simple but work magically in blood circulations and lunges-related matters. If you wonder how it will help you with breast cancer, both of the benefits mentioned earlier ultimately affect the breast. By strengthening diaphragms, it makes it easier for the lungs to work. Also, deep breathing helps you stay calm, and your brain and nervous system will also work in relaxation. Especially if you are treated with radiation, the breast cancer beneficial yoga pose will decrease radiation exposure to your lungs and heart.
1- lie down on your back and support your head and knees with a small pillow.
2- Place your hands on your belly and slowly breathe deep, so you can feel your belly expand. It will help you to deal with pain and inflate your lungs.
3- Inhale; try to breathe as long as you can. Count your timing for better focus.
4- hold as long per your comfort and exhale gently and slowly. Try to make your exhale and inhale longer as you can.
5- Repeat this 4 or 6 times a day.

4. Uttanasana- Also known as standing forward bend, this yoga pose stretches the calves, hips, neck, spine, back and, most importantly, diverts your blood towards the upper body area, including your breast & head. Therefore, we have included this yoga pose in the best yoga poses for breast cancer. Let’s check out how you can perform it.
1- Start with standing upright and keep feet hip-distance apart
2- Exhale, slowly forward at the hips and bend knees
3- Reach hands down and palm flat on the floor while pressing your head against your knees.
4- Breathe, hold the pose for 4 to 8 breaths.
5- At last, to release the pose, bend the knees while keeping back long.
6- Inhale, return to the standing position.

5. Savasana- End this virtual yoga session with savasana as you must do in real life. The yoga pose helps you to calm the mind and relieve stress. To fight back any disease, make sure your mind is relaxed and calm. Especially diseases like breast cancer affect mental health along with your body. Let’s check out what you have to perform during this pose, as it is far more than sleeping on a mat.

1- Lie with the back flat on the floor.
2- Keep your legs straight; if you feel uncomfortable, bend your legs.
3- Place feet flat on the floor
4- Extend your arms out to the side and adjust them as per comfort.
5- Place a rolled-up blanket or towel under the knees and relax your lower back.
Make sure during the process; you breathe and relax.

Final thoughts!

You might have noticed; we have added yoga poses that ultimately stimulate your blood flow towards the chest or breast. The point is yoga activates your cells while diverting blood to cancer cells. But the question is, do you have enough nutrition in your blood?
So make sure you also eat healthily.
For more, you can consult our cancer expert for any query or any other trustable cancer expert today.

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