World Suicide Prevention Day

Stand Firm against Suicidal Thoughts

At times, life seems cruel!

It poses a vicious circle of circumstances, coming out of which looks impossible! Pain seems unbearable during such a phase, and thoughts of committing suicide keep knocking. But is suicide a solution, or a problem itself? Will it end the misery? Or inflict more pain on the loved ones?

Suicide is just a wrong judgment during some weak seconds of life which leaves everything scattered. And when it can’t solve problems and in fact complicate the existing, it is definitely not the right decision. Isn’t it better to face the problems with determination and grit than run away?

IT IS POSSIBLE to create a wall between oneself and the misguiding suicidal thinking! Let’s find out the ways to prevent suicidal thoughts through this blog.

Suicidal Thoughts Holding You Captive?

Learn Ways to Prevent Suicidal Thoughts

Share Thoughts with Someone

Managing suicidal feelings on your own can be a burden as there is already a pain in your heart. Hence, share feelings and stress with someone close. It is best to vent negative thoughts out of mind and the person whom you share your feelings with can also be a guide to show the right way to live beyond the thoughts of suicide.

Eliminate Access to Methods of Suicide

Make various means of suicide such as rope, pills, knives, etc. inaccessible to you if you get suicidal thoughts. If doing this is not possible, then go somewhere where your life is safer. Moreover, consider living with someone for a few days if you live alone.

Alcohol or non-prescribed drug consumption may trigger suicidal thoughts or increase them. Thus, completely shun alcohol and drug usage while going through a tough phase. Don’t treat alcohol or drug as an escape route to get rid of painful thoughts.

Enjoy Hobbies and Have Family Time

Enjoying one’s hobbies can make a person walk away from negative thoughts gradually. Giving time to family and friends can also be a way to subside suicidal thoughts. Reading books, watching favorite shows on TV, joking with friends are some of the ways to relieve negativity.

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing helps slow a person’s heart rate and smoothens the way for blood to the brain. It also assists one to drift the brain away from negative thoughts. Inhale and exhale breaths to slow down the heart rate and regain control over the mind. Using one’s senses more also helps shoot down suicidal thoughts. Relax muscles and massaging them while coping with suicidal thoughts can also take one away from them.

A person should seek professional intervention if managing suicidal thoughts seems impossible. Seeing the positives of life can make one forget the pain, hence always look at whatever positives are there to enjoy a life free of suicidal thoughts.