World Health Day: A Healthy Environment Leads to Healthier lives

All older adults advise us to keep our surroundings clean, healthy, and positive. They tell us repeatedly that a healthy environment leads to a healthy life! But, have you ever thought about this? Have you ever thought about how a healthy environment would lead to a good life?
If not, do not worry. We will tell you how positive and nourishing surroundings can improve your life.

A healthy environment is essential for better mental health-

You might have noticed that you visit someplace and feel uneasy or do not feel anything good. Why does this happen? The leading cause is that our aura does not match hostile surroundings. When the surrounding is not clean, the air is not fresh; it creates some negativity around us. And this deteriorates our mental health. Now, once your mental health is disturbed, your life will be disturbed for sure. And this is not healthy. In addition, deteriorated mental health can lead to several physical health issues.

An unhealthy environment is equivalent to deficient physical health-

Apart from this, if your domain is not healthy, it is not clean, and it is a red signal for all the health hazards. An unhealthy environment is a massive cause of several diseases, from infections to cardiac problems. Moreover, it is a dominant cause of death all across the globe and especially in developing countries.

A better community for healthy living-

Another thing is that a healthy environment lets you have a stronger community. A stronger community can exist only when everyone is healthy and supports one another.
But one only supports the other person when he has a well-settled life and is physically and mentally fit. But here, there are a lot of diseases that arise due to an unhealthy environment: anxiety, ADHD, hypertension, asthma, breathing problems, eye problems, thyroid, hormonal issues, and obesity.

Loss of Biodiversity-

The loss of biodiversity is definitely when our surroundings are not healthy. An unclean environment leads to good yielding of the crops. Healthy crops eventually lead to better health. But if the climate is not fit, even the crops cannot flourish. It leads to the scarcity of food and sometimes even to inflation. Now, this has become a significant cause of death and health issues as many people suffer from malnutrition.

Loss of economy-

If your surroundings are not healthy, people are dying; it will affect the economic status of the suffering community. How will unhealthy people work? If they will not work, they will not be able to pay for the utilities. There will be no demand and no supply of products; hence, there will be an economic breakdown.

The harmful impact on nature-

If we have a degraded ecosystem, it will be hazardous for Mother Earth. Little by little, there will be more degradation of the environment, which will lead to natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, droughts, and climate change. These will eventually result in famines, the spread of infectious diseases, economic reduction, etc. All these factors are again responsible for an unhealthy life.

Higher rate of productivity-

If we live in a positive environment, automatically, we have the strength and determination to work in better ways. Our productivity level rises. On the other hand, a hostile and dirty environment leads to nothing but just makes us feel lethargic and nonproductive. A healthier and cleaner area around us will increase our efficiency.

It is not just your environment-

The environment we live in does not just belong to us, but it belongs to a lot more people who are affected along with us. So if we tend to live in an area that is not hygienic, it is not just affecting our lives, but it also affects our loved ones. So especially if we have the elderly and young children living with us, we must be extra careful about our surroundings as this can truly harm them in a lot of ways.

The building of self-confidence-

A positive environment will take you towards building better self-esteem and self-confidence. You will be cheerful and happy; there will be no negative thoughts, which will help you feel good about yourself. It will enhance your personality and eventually build up your self-confidence.

So this was all about how a healthy environment leads to a healthy life. Unfortunately, many people miss out on keeping their surroundings healthy and safe. They just try to keep themselves fit and think that they would be safe and sound.

But unfortunately, this is not the case. So the points that we have stated above are the consequences of what could happen if we stay in an unhealthy environment.

That is why you do not just care for yourself but keep your surroundings and the environment clean.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors