Every year on April 7th world health day is celebrated and the theme for this year is HEALTH FOR ALL. It is an opportunity to disseminate awareness about different kind of health problems across the world.

Health is an extensive concept that includes physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social wellbeing and establishing a balance in this is an important part of health.


Improve physical wellness to maintain ideal body weight-A minimum 30-45 minutes brisk walk or physical activity of moderate intensity improves overall health. It helps in building strong muscles and improves flexibility. Physical activity enhances the sense of well-being and self esteem..

Avoid overeating to prevent obesity- Obesity is the causative factor for several diseases. Therefore modification in dietary habits is desirable for a better health. Eat small and frequent meals and avoid large meal. Pull down sugar, salt, fatty foods, refined foods and soft drinks.

Ensure adequate intake of fruits & vegetables as they are the richest source of micronutrients and antioxidants- Green leafy vegetables, other vegetables and fresh fruits are the valuable source of essential mineral, vitamins and antioxidants. Intake of fruits and vegetables helps in the prevention of various diseases and improve immune system of the body.

Avoid processed foods- Restrict the intake of preserved and processed foods. Processed foods are rich in fats, salt, sugar and preservatives that cause health risk if consumed regularly.

Select right type of fats- Ensure moderate use of edible oils , animal foods and limit the use of ghee, butter, vanaspati. Avoid the consumption of ready- to- eat foods, bakery foods and processed foods Use of re-heated fats and oils should be avoided.

Take time out for spiritual awakening- spiritual wellbeing is an elementary component of health and it is a need of human life.

Improve social and emotional wellbeing by having cheerful and healthy relationship.

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