World Brain Tumour Day: June 8

June 8 is marked as the brain tumour day by the Germany based brain tumour association for the purpose to spread awareness regarding brain tumours. Brain tumours are abnormal growth of cells in form of a mass or swelling which may affect any part of the brain. They may be malignant or benign. Brain tumours usually affect children less than 10 years or adults above 50 years though it can occur in any age group.


Usually there is no attributable cause of brain tumours, certain conditions may increase the risk:

  • Those with high radiation exposure
  • Those with a family history of brain tumours (genetic predisposition)
  • Cancer may spread from other parts of body to brain (metastasis)



Diagnosis is usually done by CT scan and /or MRI scan of brain.


Many tumours of the brain can be cured completely and others can be very well managed to give a better quality of life than what was possible earlier. Better surgical tools and gadgets along with improved precise and computer controlled radiotherapy and newer chemotherapy drugs have made the outcomes of patients very good. Some tumours are highly malignant and have bad outcomes.

Treatment of brain tumour usually starts by surgery. Depending on weather the tumour is completely removed or not and also by the biopsy report of the tumour, there may be need for Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy. Thus brain tumour diagnosis and management is a multidisciplinary approach with neurosurgeon as the main pivot.

Message on Brain Tumour Day

— by Dr. Kamal Verma, Director, Neurosurgery at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

“This day is aimed to create awareness among the general public.

My message on this day would be that kindly be aware regarding the signs and symptoms. In case there is any suspicion, do take medical advice. Also I would like to emphasize that though the term brain tumour sounds very panicky, there are tumours which can be cured. The outcome depends on early diagnosis and proper treatment.

I wish speedy recovery to all the patients who are suffering from this disease.

I also pray to almighty god to give strength to the family and friends of people who are coping with this disease. The support of family and society at large can bring a positive impact on the outcome.

I would also appreciate if more social groups, industrialist and the political class join hands and create platforms to raise funds for brain tumour patients as well as research.”

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors