Winter Diseases

Ward-off Diseases to enjoy Cheerful Winters


Winter is the time to cherish sunshine and chilled air, especially in Northern India. However, the sun often plays hide and seek during winter and you are left alone with chilly weather which can affect your health in several ways. Be smart, know the common diseases that can trouble wellness and avoid them to have a wonderful winter.



Flu is one of the most common diseases that spread during winter. Cold weather and slower function of the immune system can cause this ailment.


Fight Flu

Wash hands thoroughly, don’t get exposed to chilled air, wear clothes in layers and have a healthy diet to ward-off flu. Getting vaccinated can also help.


Fall in temperature in winter causes joint pain to lots of people, especially in senior years. The human body conserves more heat than bones in this season which leads one to have painful joints.

Join the crusade against joint pain

Wear warm clothes, exercise indoors, have vitamin D and sleep well to lower the risk of joint pain.


Chilled air during winter brings lots of allergens alongside that can cause asthma.


Avoid Asthma:

Cover mouth with an air-purifying mask while going outside to avoid the allergens. Vacuum clean home often to remove indoor allergens, wash blankets and sheets, carry an inhaler everywhere and get flu shots to have an asthma-free winter.



In winter, skin gets dry due to exposure to cold air and lack of moisture.


Keep your skin glowing:

Bathe with lukewarm water, exfoliate skin often, apply sunscreen while going outside and stay hydrated.


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Although lots of people rejoice winter, some people don’t feel the same. This latter category of people complains of feeling stressed during this season. You can refer to this condition as a seasonal affective disorder.


Stay Happy:

If you feel down in winter, then try to get some sunlight or turn on lights at home, avoid carb-rich food and share your thoughts and feelings with someone close to you.


Sore throat

Another health glitch you may face during winter is having a sore throat that almost becomes and epidemic during this time of the year.


Easy tips for your throat:

Go for your grandmother’s formula to ease out sore throat. Gargle with a glass of lukewarm water by adding a pinch of salt to it. You should also refrain from having cold drinks, smoking and consuming oily food. Maintaining personal hygiene can also prove effective.


Don’t let these or other diseases ruin your winter. Be proactive by wearing warm clothes, having a healthy diet and exercising daily to have a winter worth remembering.

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