What are the benefits of cycling? How can it enhance the fitness level?

Today, where everyone is focusing on spending money on new cars and two-wheelers with the latest technologies, people have forgotten how fantastic cycling can be!
In earlier days, people used to go bicycling and riding. They used to go to their workplaces and schools on their bicycles. But now, people are unaware of the benefits of cycling and feel inferior in riding a bicycle.
But in reality, cycles are the gems of transportation if considered health-wise. Riding a bicycle can help in many ways, which are excellent for a person.

Wanna know how? So keep reading further, and we will tell you about all the benefits of cycling and how it can help you to stay fit and healthy.

Cycling is an excellent tool for weight loss-
People who cycle at a high intensity can reduce their fat levels. Moreover, they can maintain their weight levels. Studies suggest that aerobic exercise such as cycling can significantly assist in lowering the harmful visceral fat that can otherwise cause diseases like diabetes and heart strokes. In addition, it raises your heart rate, which is excellent for reducing belly fat.

Cycling can reduce the risk of Cancer-
Cycling can make your cells work efficiently. As a result, they can be in proper order. Apart from this, it promotes healthy cells to grow, which eventually fight back cancerous cells. As a result, regular cycling can reduce women’s 30-35% risk of breast cancer.

Cycling strengthens the muscles-
Cycling helps you gain strength in the lower portion of your body. It helps build the calves, quads, and glutes, and gradually, your muscles become more powerful. It will require time but yield equivalent results to resistance training.

Enhances your heart health-
Regular cycling can help reduce high blood pressure. In addition, it keeps your cardiovascular system well. As a result, a regular cyclist is at a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Achieve better coordination and focus with cycling-
Another perk of cycling is maintaining balance, pedaling, and concentrating on the road and nearby vehicles. This way, you learn to stabilize your body and better coordinate and focus.

Better mental health-
Cycling increases the heart rate and releases endorphins which are beneficial for mental health. When one cycles, he overcomes his fear of falling and balancing and gets over the breathlessness and a pounding heart rate. Eventually, these things helped me gain self-esteem and confidence. It reduces stress and can be positive and in a good mood.

Lung benefits from cycling-
You will obviously be more exposed to fumes traveling in cars, scooters, or other vehicles. But cycling is eco-friendly. It does not release any greenhouse gases, so it is beneficial for your lungs as you will not directly intake those harmful fumes of greenhouse gases. Moreover, it will also help the environment, and slowly, we can reduce pollution and global warming.

Slows down your aging-
Cyclists who cycle at high intensity do not age fast. It is because cycling at such a high intensity increases mitochondria’s capacity, which keeps cellular activity in check and revitalizes the skin. The circulation of blood increases while cycling, and collagen production increases. It provides nutrients the skin more effectively.

How often should a man cycle to gain its benefits?
One must cycle daily to gain the best results. You can cycle for about half an hour a day to an hour a day. You can even travel from one place to another by your cycle. There are many benefits of cycling daily. So it will not just be beneficial for you, but it will also help the environment. 30 minutes of cycling daily can help in many ways. For example, it will reduce your tummy and strengthen your legs and core. In addition, it lowers the risk of many diseases like heart disease, diabetes, brain malfunction, or mental diseases.

Which is better? Indoor cycling or Outdoor cycling?
Indoor cycling and outdoor cycling have their pros and cons.
Even though indoor cycling is almost equivalent to outdoor cycling in terms of working out, studies still show that outdoor cycling is a little more efficient. Moreover, you can socialize better with outdoor cycling if you are a social butterfly.
While during pandemics like Covid, rainy days, or scorching heat, you should prefer spinning. Also, to avoid traffic and signals, you should opt for indoor cycling.

What points should we consider while cycling?
Certain things must keep in mind while cycling-

  • Your posture: Your posture matters a lot while you ride a bicycle. If you bend for a long time, it will hurt your back, and you can have permanent back aches. Or else you can have problems with your spinal cord. Therefore, sit in the correct posture and maintain fitness.
  • Always wear a helmet: Prevention is always better. That is why always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle to protect your head. However, people generally feel there is no need to wear a helmet while cycling because it has that bike-type body and specifications.
  • Hold the handle: Do not use a phone or leave the hand while riding a bicycle. Maintaining balance is very important, and you can have that grip while holding the hands of the bike.

Considering the benefits of cycling, the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences is conducting a Cyclothon on the 25th of September, 2022. The concept focuses on burning diseases and not fuel.
The hospital is organizing the event on the occasion of World Heart Day.
The event will focus on spreading awareness of how cycling can benefit in keeping away various diseases.

It will be an exciting event where participants are from the age group 10 to 15 years and then 16 plus. There will be refreshments and participation certificates for all the participants.

So Register now and let us all encourage Cyclothon and cycling, which is good for our health and the environment.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors