Use Personal Sound Devices Soundly

Listen to Your Ear Health

Use Personal Sound Devices Soundly!

Personal sound devices like earphones and headphones have revolutionized lives and made it easier for people to go hands-free while listening to music or talking to someone. All one has to do is to insert the earphone’s pin into the phone or laptop and stay connected to a device without holding it. While earlier they were used primarily for listening to music, the current pandemic has forced every age group to use these devices for constant communication. Work from home, team meetings, online classes – be it a 6 years old or a 60 years old, everyone is using earphones and headphones these days!

Word of caution here though! If not used the right way or for prolonged periods, these personal sound devices can prove to be notoriously hazardous for the ears. It is important that earphones or headphones are used properly, else, they can cause discomfort in the ear and the head, and also damage hearing.

Read this blog to know the sound way of using earphones/headphones.

Try Noise Cancelling Headphones

Many people turn up the volume to the highest level to avoid noise coming from outside and doing so, end up hurting their precious ears. Instead, use noise cancelling headphones as they seal the ears from the external sounds and help one boost concentration without hurting the ear health.

Maximum Volume

Keep the maximum volume up to 80% as going beyond that can hurt ear health. If you use earphones a lot, then use them for 60 minutes maximum at a time and keep the volume up to 60% to ensure no damage to ears.

Take a Break

If using the earphones for a prolonged period, then take

  • A 5 minutes listening break every 30 minutes.


  • A 10 minutes break every hour to protect ear health.

Set Volume Limit

Lots of devices allow one to set volume limit through settings. It can prevent one from turning the volume higher and keeps the ears safe. Check your device’s manual to know whether a volume limit can be set. If planning to buy a new set, look for the one with volume limit feature!

Choose the Right Type

Earphones mainly come in two types, first one is that a person can hang around the neck and put in the ears (earbuds) and other one can be worn overhead (headphones). Headphones are generally considered better than the earphones as they provide a buffering space between the sound and the ear canal.

Don’t Wear Earrings

Wearing earrings while using earphones or headphones can cause discomfort in the ears and can also cause pain. Furthermore, earrings can also get damaged if they are put under headphones. Hence, take off your earrings while using headphones and maximize the experience while staying safe.

Make a wise choice while purchasing an ear device and check all its features to safeguard your ear health. If you feel pain in the ear or loss of hearing, then stop using earphones and immediately visit a doctor to seek treatment.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors