Use Copper Ware and Silver Ware to Store Drinking Water

February 18, 2019

Water is the basis of life. So, it is vital that the water you drink, and use for cooking should not be contaminated. Most people are aware of the importance of drinking water to keep oneself properly hydrated, especially in the summer. Many try to make their potable water safe by boiling or filtering it before use. Yet, few people realize that relying on the age-old practice of storing water in copper or silver Ware and drinking from glasses made of either metal has health benefits beyond what has been narrated in popular lore.

Keep Your Drinking Water Safe from Bacteria:
The World Health Organization (WHO) released a report in 2009, which was quoted in The Lancet, declaring water-borne diseases one of the leading causes of death and illness in the world. The worst part is that children are the major victims of water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and hepatitis, leading to horrifying under-five mortality figures. You don’t want to be part of the rising statistics related to such diseases. When you store drinking water in silver or copper Ware, you keep your loved ones and yourself safe from bacteria.

Copper Bottles

Antimicrobial properties of silver and copper Ware are now being realized more widely:
The good news is that more people are becoming aware of silver and copper’s antimicrobial properties. Silver is used in some water filters to prevent bacterial growth. What’s more, microbes haven’t been able to develop resistance to silver. Though it has long been recognized by Ayurveda; it is only recently that studies are being carried out in controlled conditions to test the veracity of the claims that bacteria like e-coli and salmonella vanish when stored in copper and silver containers. Thus, both serve as disinfectants to provide you with safe drinking water.

Preserve All Potable Water Better:
Since contamination of water can occur as much during storage as during transportation to point of use, you would be able to preserve water better if it is stored in silver and copper containers. Whether or not the source of the water or its means of transportation are contaminated, if you keep water in a covered copper vessel or a silver glass all night before drinking in the morning; you assure your loved ones and yourself the gift of safe drinking water. This means that even if the drinking water has been stored for more than a day — in some instances up to a week — it stays safe.

Take Advantage of the Anti-Aging Properties of Copper
A little-known fact about storing water in a copper or silver utensil or pot is that copper especially has anti-aging properties. While you can’t prevent the clock from ticking away; you can prevent or lessen the ravages of time on your health by drinking water stored in copper and silver Ware. The copper fights off free radicals and encourages the growth of new cells to bring the regeneration you need. The way it works in encouraging the production of melanin, it serves to give you a smoother, glowing skin to make you look younger.

Fight rheumatism and arthritis by losing weight: As drinking water stored in copper and silver Ware aids weight loss by breaking down fats in your body, and eliminates them more efficiently. So, you literally take quite a bit of weight off your feet and your knees. Weight loss has been known to render significant relief from arthritic pain. And, don’t overlook the anti-inflammatory properties

Your digestive system will improve too: Since water that has been stored in copper and silver Ware has a higher alkaline content, drinking it automatically improves your digestion. Part of the reason for this is that water that has been stored overnight in it absorbs a minuscule proportion of the copper which is also one of the vital minerals required by your body. The alkalization of the water depends on the room temperature and the original PH level of the water.

Protect Yourself from Cancer with the Antioxidant Properties of Silver and Copper:
Recent researches are indicating that cancer cells thrive in an acid environment. Therefore, it stands to reason that you have a fairer chance of warding off cancer when you drink water stored in a copper or silver container which provides you with water with an alkaline content. The electromagnetic power in such water energizes you, while the free radicals in your body get eliminated. Further, as it helps wounds heal faster, the risk of any wound festering into cancer reduces significantly. It strengthens the immune system to help you fight infections and viruses.

Think Smarter, Clearer:
You stand to benefit in a way you hadn’t bargained for. Drinking water from copper or silver vessel serves as a brain stimulant, enabling you to think clearer, and smarter. Don’t be startled. Copper helps in the synthesis of phospholipids that are essential for the formation of the myelin sheaths which cover our neurons. What’s more, copper is known to have anti-epileptic properties which help prevent seizures.

Other benefits: Copper helps regulate blood pressure while helping the thyroid gland to function properly. It enables your system to absorb iron.
Takeaway: Copper is necessary for your body as it is one of the vital trace minerals which are needed in the body to help you thrive.

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