Understand Reasons How Tobacco Leads to Mouth Cancer

Many people believe that chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes relieves their stress. But unfortunately, they just think about the present moment and nothing about the future!
Smoking and tobacco consumption lead to oral cancer if taken regularly.
Tobacco increases death risk from 5-10%.

But what is the connection between tobacco and oral cancer? How does its consumption lead to cancer?
If these questions arise in your mind, you are at the right place! In this blog, we will explain how tobacco leads to oral cancer. And what is the connection between them!

But first, let us understand what oral cancer is!

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is a type of cancer found in the mouth and at the back of the throat. It develops particularly on the tissue, mouth, and gums lining. It can also develop in the tongue and underneath the tongue.
It comes under the category of head and neck cancer, and it is the most common type in that category.
Even though it appears like usual oral problems, it can be fatal if not treated within time.
At first, it will look normal, as the appearance of white patches or mouth bleeding. But if it is cancer, these problems will not go away as it goes in common oral issues.

How does tobacco lead to oral cancer?

Tobacco consists of certain chemicals that boost cancer. Therefore, tobacco consists of carcinogenic chemicals. These chemicals come in direct contact with the mouth when people smoke or chew tobacco.
These chemicals affect the DNA in the cells, which further gives birth to cancer.

How does oral cancer spread?

Oral cancer can spread in two ways-

  • Either it appears directly on the nearest tissue.
  • Or it spreads through the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a chain of vessels and glands that produces those cells that boost our immunity and fight infections.

Different modes of tobacco and their role in spreading oral cancer-

  • Chewable tobacco: This includes leaf tobacco, Gutkha, and plug tobacco. One has to keep these between the cheeks and the gums. When the person chews these, it releases nicotine. These are the smokeless types of tobacco, but they are still very harmful.
  • Cigarettes: People who smoke cigarettes are at ten times higher risk of oral cancer than others who do not smoke. It consists of several ingredients, out of which 69 can cause cancer.
  • Pipes or Cigars: Often, people believe that pipes and cigars are not as harmful as other modes of tobacco. But it is a myth. Even cigars and pipes are detrimental to health and can cause oral cancer. Unlike other means of smoking, cigars take longer to burn and contain more tobacco. One cigar has the same amount of nicotine as in a packet of cigarettes. Hence, even this is harmful and can take one towards oral cancer.

Tobacco is harmful to health in each and every way. Not just oral cancer, but tobacco can cause other types of cancers too.
So you must be aware of the hazards it can bring to you.
Next time you urge to consume tobacco, think about where it can lead you and your family!

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors