Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

Winter is the favorite season of most people because of many reasons. It is an exciting season as its vacation time and there are parties and celebrations galore all over the place. However, winter is also known to bring along those niggling problems related to health like cold, flu and fever. Unlike other seasons, it takes some special effort to remain fit and healthy in winter. Are you among those who are vulnerable to winter-related health problems?

The cold weather tempts most of use to stay under those warm sheets for an extended time which usually means sacrificing exercise time for sleep. Motivation level is low for exercise and other fitness routines which can make your body vulnerable to disease and illness.

Here are some helpful tips that can come handy for staying healthy this winter.

Eat Vegetables and Fruits That Can Fight Infections

Keep your body healthy with the right fruits and vegetables. This can definitely help in fighting the common infections that affect the body during winter. The immune system can get a boost up when you consume foods rich in Vitamin C. The best sources are carrots, oranges, and broccoli. You can also stay healthy in winter by increasing consumption of whole grains and lean meat.

Add Food Containing Omega 3 Fatty Acids To Your Diet

Many people have a feeling of depression and sadness in winter. This can lead to poor levels of concentration at work and home. Experts recommend Omega 3 fatty acids for this condition. It is known to lower the levels of depression and also infuses a feeling of well-being as it has anti-inflammatory properties. As the body experiences stiffness and pain in the joints during winter, this is an excellent way to overcome such problems.

Avoid Touching Eyes and Nose

You can remain healthy by simply avoiding touching your eyes and nose. Mucous membranes that are present here can become the medium for bacteria and germs. Keep hands off these areas and also ensure that kids in the house follow this rule. Use tissues during winter as a barrier. Tissues are a must while coughing and sneezing as they can prevent micro-organisms and bacteria from spreading in the air.

Clean Hands Regularly

One of the simplest and practical ways of keeping germs away and ensuring a healthy existence in winter is to wash hands properly and regularly. The simple process of creating a rich lather with soap and water is a great way of limiting the reach of germs. Hand washing does not just mean cleaning the palms. You must also make sure that the skin between the fingers and the area under the nails are cleaned as well. Rinse away all the soap and pat dry for best results.

Remain Physically Active

It is important to remain physically active during the winter so that you enjoy good health, both physically and mentally. If you have basic workout tools and equipment in your house, make sure you use them regularly. Walking and running can be a great way of keeping the body fit and healthy in winter.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors