Tips for a Normal Delivery

Giving birth to a child is an important milestone in a mother’s life. The excitement further enhances the family these days if its a normal delivery of the baby.

For this we have certain tips; might help you too in your journey to motherhood.

1. A healthy nutritious balanced diet is the key. The weight gain should be adequate. No overweight. Eating an adequate quantity of ghee would help but don’t overdo with anything that is said to help in normal delivery.

2. Exercises
Keep yourself adequately ambulatory during pregnancy. Walking regularly during pregnancy helps. Squats is the most beneficial exercise for every woman preparing for normal vaginal delivery close to her due date. Breathing exercises help in relaxation and help the body to have enough oxygen during contractions.

3. Sleep adequately and regularly
Sleep experience can be enhanced with soft, skin-friendly pillows and recliner beds for the comfort of mother and child.

4. Pursue some hobby
Gardening or reading a book calms your mind.

5. Regular antenatal visits
You tend to forget your questions by the time you reach your doctor and anxiety levels rise after you return home. Writing your queries before you visit your doctor helps the inappropriate discussion.

6. Antenatal classes
One has to be both mentally and physically prepared for the newer experiences and responsibilities of parenting. These classes relieve pressure and make the whole process simpler and faster.

7. Massage during labour
Having a lower back area massage during labour especially by your partner helps and you feel psychologically supported.

Happy parenting….

By Dr. Shweta Mendiratta