Smart Tips on How to Detox Your Body During the Monsoons

Just as mother nature rejuvenates herself during the monsoons, you too can effectively detoxify your body in this season which is often marked by major health issues. Just keep in mind that you rejuvenate your body when you detox as the process cleanses and repairs it. Even if you maintain a healthy lifestyle with appropriate dietary choices, and adequate exercise, your body still creates toxins as part of certain metabolic processes, and exposure to external atmospheric pollution. That means you must throw out these toxins to keep all your internal organs functioning properly.

Become Proactive About Detoxifying Your Body

Your body has its own organs for detoxification. The liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, and skin all serve to eliminate toxins from our body through diverse bodily processes. Inability to detox naturally might make you suffer from continuous exhaustion. Constipation, unfortunately, can cause toxins to be reabsorbed into the body. When an overload of toxins is created, these processes fall short, and you need to be proactive about detoxifying your body. Given the connection between toxins and disease, on the one hand, and the potential for harm that toxins can cause you; do not take detoxification lightly. Taking the natural route is always the smartest move as the fear of adverse side-effects or reactions is lower. For example, if you make sure that you drink adequate quantities of water throughout the day, you are unlikely to suffer any adversities. Water helps dissolve waste particles and toxins, which get eliminated from your body when you sweat, and when you urinate.

When You Might Need To Limit Your Water Intake…

There are, of course, two reasons why you might need to go easy on the number of glasses of water you drink. The first is if you suffer from any kind of kidney disease, and/or fluid retention. Then, the chances are that the doctor might have suggested that you limit your intake of plain water, and other fluids. The other reason could be if you have undergone a surgical intervention recently which makes it undesirable that you make too many trips to the washroom. Also, if you have not eaten anything all day, then drinking too much plain water could lead to bloating. Under such circumstances, it would be wiser to drink green coconut water; water in which mishri (crystallized sugar lumps) has been soaked; orange juice; or lemon juice water which has been sweetened with honey. It will slake your thirst, and help detox.

Drinks to Detoxify

If you feel sluggish even after a full night’s sleep, then it is a sign that you must detoxify. Apart from green tea, there are several kinds of other teas like ginger tea, lemon tea, and teas made from the infusion of mint leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves; which you can make to leave you refreshed, and thoroughly cleansed after you drink it. From almond kahwa to fruit smoothies to mint lemonade, that is, lemon juice laced with grated ginger and mint leaves, and apple juice laced with cinnamon powder, you have several delicious options to drink and detoxify your system. Freshly crushed pomegranate juice will not only increase your red blood cell count, but it will also detox you as it is extremely rich in three kinds of antioxidants ― tannins, anthocyanins and ellagic acid. Cranberry juice will detox you, and buttress your urinary tract health. Fresh aloe vera juice will not only detox you, but also give you a glowing skin. That is a double benefit as the skin tends to become dull, and dry during the monsoons.

Substitute Processed Foods With Vegetables and Fruits

One of the best ways to detox is to begin by knocking off alcohol, processed and fat drenched foods, extra salt in your food, sugary and carbonated drinks, and start adding more vegetables and fruits to your menu. That does not mean you need to live off salads and juices. Just add them more generously. For example, add amla (Indian gooseberry) to various recipes; juice it with lemon juice, ginger juliennes, mint leaves, and carrots; pickle it to cleanse your system and detox. Since fries are eaten rather generously during the monsoons, detox to eliminate the worst effects is vital. Nutrition, taste, and antioxidants are assured. What is more, since the monsoons often signal niggling colds, coughs, which the Vitamin C rich amla wards off.

Limit Exposure to Toxins As Far As Possible

Reducing exposure to toxins is a smart way to avoid the need to detox. Even the material used to make utensils can adversely impact your system. Try to substitute plastic and Styrofoam with chinaware, copper, stainless steel, or glass to prevent or lower reaction when toxins dissolve in water. Try and substitute plastic with other materials for bottles, tumblers, cutlery, and plates.

Choose Foodstuffs Which Help to Detox, Especially Antioxidant Rich Food

Prebiotic and probiotic foods facilitate detox. You should conscientiously add bananas, watermelons, onions, garlics, barley, grapefruit, berries, oats, cocoa, custard apples, and apples which stimulate gut health to help detox your system. Curds, sour pickles, and soft cheeses are probiotics which are good bacteria which your body needs for proper digestion, and elimination of toxins. Food that is rich in fibers helps you detox better. However, if you want to eat leafy green vegetables during the monsoons, be careful to wash them in running water, and cook them before you eat. It would be more sensible to avoid any of the branded detox diets. Some of them might help you lose weight, which will come rushing back as soon as you stop it. Nothing can improve on Mother Nature. Go the natural route for the most effective detox.

Stick to a Relaxing Night Routine

Adequate sleep is a little known detox agent. Toxins build up when you don’t get adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation is a normal situation with most professionals these days. This means that the body does not get the chance to eliminate the toxins which have built up during the day. During sleep, cerebral fluids wash toxins out of the spaces between cells, which increase during sleep. If you need to exercise to wind down before dropping off, do so. But make sure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep everyday.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors