Seven Ways to Prevent Harmful Diseases This Rainy Season!

While traveling under the scorching heat, working in the field while the sun sucks up our energy, all we hope is for the rainy season to come soon!
Those showers of rain actually feel like the “showers of blessings” after a hot and humid day.
Despite giving us a break from the burning temperature, rain also makes us a host of several diseases. 
The rainy days are the breeding season for microorganisms and bacteria. It is the time when we can catch a lot of diseases. The rainy season brings many infections, from water-borne to air-borne and insect-causing diseases.
All this makes it more essential for us to be extra precautious during this time.

So here we bring forth you seven ways to prevent harmful diseases this rainy season-

  • Using clean water everywhere-

 Monsoons give birth to many water-borne diseases. Therefore, using and drinking clean water during the rainy season becomes necessary. In addition, mud and other dirt collect in water during monsoons. We can catch infections if we use this dirty water for cooking or drinking. 
Apart from this, ensure that water does not collect near your surroundings. Mosquitoes are born from stagnant water. And these mosquitoes can bring along diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. So, ensure you use clean water everywhere and do not collect any water. 
In case you have to store water, then add a few drops of oil to that water.

  • Check for the wet walls-

You can expect wet walls on rainy days. These wet walls do not just look ugly, but they are the breeding ground for fungi and insects like cockroaches. Again these can cause harmful results to your health. So, check for these wet walls, clear them, or avoid going near them.

  • A healthy diet-

Follow a wholesome diet during the rainy season to keep the infections away. Eat home-cooked food as much as possible. Eating street food or outside food is unsafe because the street food vendors do not maintain hygiene while cooking.
Even when you are cooking at home, make sure you wash all the fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Check properly for insects, especially the green leafy vegetables.

  • Do not let the mosquitoes come near you-

The rainy days are the most common time for mosquitoes and the diseases they cause. Therefore, use mosquito repellents and coils frequently. Do not just use them at bedtime, but also during the day and especially in the evening. You can also use nets around your bed or your children. However, these nets do not allow the mosquitoes to pass through. Do not store any stagnant water; it will give birth to mosquitoes.

  • Take a bath whenever you reach home-

You get wet in the rain and think you are clean, but unfortunately, you are not. It is because the rainwater contains too many bacterias in it. If you do not take a shower, after getting wet, the germs will attack you. Add some disinfectant to your bathing water. Use antibacterial soap and use lukewarm water to take a bath.

  • Keep your home clean-

Maintain proper hygiene in your house during the rainy season. For example, clean the floor with disinfectants. Keep the toilets clean. Do not keep wet clothes. If the clothes get wet in the rain, quickly wash them and leave them for drying. Make sure there is no rainwater dripping into your house from the walls.

  • Choose your footwear wisely-

People are generally unaware of this point, but it is essential to choose footwear wisely. Firstly, wearing non-slippery footwear makes you less likely to slip on wet grounds. Secondly, in good quality footwear, the dirty rainwater does not seep in. But the grime and water will go inside your shoes if they are not solid.

Everyone loves enjoying the rainy weather and eating hot snacks with it. So you must enjoy the rainy season. Just remember to be extra precautious, follow these seven precautions and keep yourself and your family members safe from monsoon diseases.