Robotic Surgery for Cancer Patients- Every Patient Should Know


Cancer is a massive disease, but fortunately, it is curable. There are several ways by which oncologists do the treatment of cancer. The newest way of treating cancer is Robotic Surgery. Doctors are quite relying on this technology these days. And why should they not rely on it? These robotic surgeries are working pretty well in curing cancer patients.
Robotic surgeries are not something in which robots would operate on the patient. It is the surgeon who performs the surgery but he manipulates the robotic hands to remove the tumour or cancer from the body and perform the surgery. The doctor sits comfortably on a console and uses his skills to move the robotic hands which are better than human hands. These hands can bend easily, and they do not tremor, unlike human hands, providing more finesse. The hands can reach places where the human hands cannot.

Working on Robotic-assisted surgery for Cancer

The lacerations made are much smaller as compared to the lacerations made in traditional open surgery. Thus, the patients recover faster if their cancer surgery is done through a robotic assistant. It is because the cuts are smaller and not as deep as in open surgery, which is why they heal faster. Hospital stays are also shorter because of this reason.

The surgeon makes small incisions on the patient’s body and inserts the camera and other tiny instruments through it. The camera gives the surgeon a better vision of the site. It provides a three-dimensional view to the surgeon, so there is no need for another person to stand on top of the patient and hold the light. The surgeon moves the robotic arms with his skills and the system does the same as the surgeon. Hence, the surgeries are done with more accuracy and smoothness.

Can you go ahead with robotic surgery for cancer treatment?

Robotic surgery is more advantageous than conventional surgery. But it might not be the appropriate treatment for all cancer patients. Whether or not your surgeon will perform your surgery with a robotic assistant depends on various factors. They will go through your previous medical history and analyse it. The type of cancer that you have, the place of cancer in the body. The size of the tumour, and the condition of the patient. Whether the patient has any other type of disease or not.

So, all of these factors play a vital role in determining if you can get a robotic-assisted surgery or not. It varies from situation to situation and case to case.
Therefore, you must consult your cancer case well with your oncologist and then make the final decision.

Cancers that are treated with Robotic-assisted surgery-

Even though it depends on the state of the patient and situation whether to perform robotic surgery or not, but still cancers that we treat with robotic assistance are-

  • Gynecologic Cancers
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Head and neck cancers
  • Urological cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Thoracic cancers
  • Thyroid cancers

How should one prepare oneself for Robotic surgery for cancer?

There are certain things that you must keep in mind before you go for your robotic cancer surgery. Some of these things might seem very petty to you, but in reality, they are very important and you must not overlook them.

  • Stop the intake of all kinds of blood thinners- This is a very important aspect that you must keep in mind before your surgery. You have to stop consuming blood-thinning medicines like aspirin and Plavix ten days before your operation. These medicines may not let clotting happen and you may even bleed during the surgery.
  • You may require some laxatives to clean your bowels before the doctors perform your surgery. Your doctor will explain this.
  • You must not have any herbs or any type of supplements before the surgery.
  • Wear preferably loose clothes when you arrive at the hospital. You need comfortable clothes. Also, carry some extra clothes with you as the doctor may ask you to stay at the hospital.
  • Quit smoking if your surgeon told you to do so.
  • The oncologist may ask you not to eat or drink at least eight hours before the surgery.
  • Grab all the essentials ( like clothes, medicines, etc.) and pack them beforehand, so that you are calmer before and after the surgery.

Choosing the right hospital for your treatment is a vital step towards your cancer treatment. You must choose a hospital with experienced staff, hygienic and quiet ambience, facilities like Intensive care units, operation theatres, pharmacies, and nearby pathology labs or a hospital which has pathology services available.

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