National Safe Motherhood Day & Flowers For Expecting Mothers

Every year on April 11, National Safe Motherhood Day is commemorated. This White Ribbon Alliance India (WRAI) initiative ensures that women have availability and adequate access to care during pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal assistance(individualized care provided to meet the needs of a mother and her baby following childbirth).

At the request of WRAI, in 2003, the Indian Government declared the anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi’s birth on April 11 as National Safe Motherhood Day. India is the first nation worldwide to have announced a National Safe Motherhood Day socially.

Consistently a theme is selected every year by WRAI members for this Day, and activities and campaigns are exercised throughout the country.
Safe motherhood day helps bring information and awareness about the importance of care for the mother during and after pregnancy.

Safe Motherhood Day Focus Points

    • Family Planning
    • Prenatal Care
    • Postnatal Care
    • Obstetric Care – hygiene care and delivery safety

There are still many areas where women lack care during pregnancy and after delivery of the child.
These annual theme-based campaigns’ objective is to develop mindfulness that every woman has a right to have proper care during pregnancy and after childbirth. Also, these campaigns start discussions such as

      • The value of having someone close by for the first 24 hours suggested the timing of postnatal visits.
      • The importance of a new mother eating healthier foods, clean & safe water.
      • The importance of sleep, rest, and the need to desist demanding physical labor.
      • Discussion of normal postpartum bleeding – how much blood loss to expect and for how long.
      • Significance of personal hygiene
      • Infant feeding and breast care, and the importance of only taking prescribed medications when breastfeeding.
      • National Safe Motherhood Day is all about caring for mothers.

Among many things that can be done to take care of a pregnant woman, filling her days with flowers is delightful, and it works as a souvenir of care.

How do Flowers help pregnant mothers?

A woman needs conscientious care and positivity around her during pregnancy; She has to go through mood swings, nausea, tiredness, discomfort, back pain, and many other issues.

Flowers’ scent and essence work excellently for expecting mothers as it directs positivity, calmness, and spirituality.

Some women may experience depression due to their hormones and how their bodies transform during the pregnancy period.

Flowers are sure to improve any recipient’s mood, But not all flowers are suitable for pregnant ladies as some flowers’ fragrances can have adverse effects.

Here are some flowers for the expecting mom, which will work only to better her and her child’s health.

Chrysanthemums (Guldaudi)
Chrysanthemums make a great choice of flowers for expecting mothers as they symbolize fidelity, long life, and cheerfulness.

Baby’s Breath
A mom bears all pain just to see the baby breathing & safe. Baby’s Breath flowers will present happiness, festivity, and joy to the pregnant lady.

Star Of Bethlehem ( Brahma Kamal)
The star of Bethlehem (A genus of perennial plants), this flower stands for hope, purity, and direction.

Barberton Daisy (jarbera)
Along with a positive atmosphere, a cleaner atmosphere is also crucial for a pregnant lady’s health. Barberton Daisy is a beneficial air-purifying flowering plant.

Pink Roses
Pink Roses are among the best flowers for pregnant mothers as they manifest grace, gentleness, and gratitude.

A night of good sleep is necessary for expecting moms as it is imperative for mental well-being; Jasmine flowers help lower anxiety and stress levels, which aids sleep.

Lisianthus (Eustoma Plant)
Pregnancy requires proper rest, which sometimes can be boring for the pregnant lady. Lisianthus flowers for new moms, kindle creativity, new ideas, and positivity, eventually keeping the soon-to-be mom away from monotony.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors