National Doctor’s Day 2022: Let’s Honor Our Saviors!

Whether between a family function or a tragic event, a doctor is always there to cater to his patient’s needs whenever he gets an emergency call.
That is how our doctors are! They forget their happiness and overcome their sadness; they do not see if it is day or night but no matter what, they are always there to save other people’s lives. 
Doctors are our saviors! They take our pain away, take us out of our vain. 
Thus, to honor our saviors, we celebrate National doctor’s day on the 1st of July each year.

Why do we need to celebrate National Doctor’s Day on the 1st of July?
In India, we celebrate National Doctor’s Day on the 1st of July because it is the birth and death anniversary of (late) Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. BC Roy was the former Chief Minister of Bengal. He was a marvelous doctor who served humanity very well. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy also made outstanding contributions to the medical field and became an excellent physician.
India has celebrated National Doctor’s Day since 1991 to honor the tireless work of doctors.

National Doctor’s Day Theme for 2022-
Each year has a theme for National Doctor’s Day. For 2022, the theme for Doctor’s Day is “Family Doctors on the Frontline.” 
The nation dedicates this theme to all the doctors who have tirelessly helped and supported our families during their needs. 
The doctors were always on the frontline, living apart from their own families, to treat our family members. Their hard work is worth praise even though the contributions of the doctors are beyond anything we can give them in return. But still, the least we can do for them is dedicate this day in their Honor, recognize their work and provide them with a tribute.

Challenges faced by Doctors-
A lot of people think that becoming a doctor is a great profession. There is a lot of money in it. But they are not aware of the struggles behind it!

  • The struggle starts at a very young age; when we all enjoy our lives going on vacation and hanging out with friends, they struggle to study the human body. They work on their precision, so they make no mistake in treating us in the future.
  • When there is an outbreak of the disease in a country, the doctors do not get a break. They struggle for hours with sore feet and an empty stomach.
  • Day by day, Science and technology are improving. There is new medical equipment. The doctors have to cope with the latest techniques time and again.
  • At times they have a burnout, or they feel low. But they cannot let that stop them. They motivate and treat their patients with a smile.
  • They also have to deal with the administrative and file work with the practical work.

Significance of Doctors in our Lives-
Imagine waking up at midnight, crying in pain with a terrible stomach ache! Or think if your child is boiling at a high temperature and you have no clue what to do!
What will be the first thing that you do? Of course, the first thing that you will do is visit a doctor.
Doctors have an essential role in our lives. They not only save our lives but calm us at times. They reduce our pains and heal our wounds. 
Your child takes birth in this world, because of a doctor. You see your family members after a severe illness because of a doctor. 
Besides, doctors research new diseases and try to make vaccines and medicines to cure them.

During the outbreak of Covid 1-19, when we were all sitting at our homes, trying to cook new dishes, our doctors and health experts were on the ground. They were working day and night, helping out the Covid patients. They were trying to fight the virus, risking their own lives. 
People complain about wearing masks. They say it is too hot, suffocated, or the elastic hurts. But do we ever think about the healthcare staff, who must wear a PPE ( Personal Protective kit)? During the Covid wave, doctors had injuries wearing tight Personal Protective Kits. 
There were a lot of doctors who lost their lives during the pandemic while treating other patients.

At the same time, many fell sick and were affected by the Coronavirus.
Did we think about their families? Did we ever think that our loved ones came from the hospital after the treatment, but the doctors could not return them to their families? As they had to treat some other patients, someone else’s loved ones.

We became a little selfish in the love of our loved ones that we forgot to think about the selfless heroes in white and their loved ones. 
But now is the time to think about them, to honor their work. To show these selfless heroes that we acknowledge their work and care for them.

So on this National  Doctor’s Day, let us wish our doctors, thank them and pray for their well-being!

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors