Maintain Hair Health in Winters

Like for the skin, winters are dry and harsh on our hair as well. Cold winds, mist, snow, can turn our hair brittle and weak and take their shine away! Even worse is when one faces hair loss due to the adverse climate. Let’s look at some simple tips to follow this winter season to maintain good hair health:

  • Less shampoo
  • Use less shampoo in winters. Shampoo acts as a cleanser but also strips our scalp and hair of natural oils. Try using a mild shampoo free from parabens and sulphates; as these chemicals can further degrade the quality of your hair. In case of oily hair, invest in a dry shampoo instead of frequently washing hair.

  • Avoid heat
  • For showering, use lukewarm water for the skin, and the hair as well. While we enjoy the long warm showers in winters, doing so rips off the moisture from our bodies. For the final rinse, use cold water for the hair to maintain shine and lustre. Refrain from using heat styling tools like straightener, curler, etc.

  • Keep the hair covered
  • Wear hats, scarves, caps – your goal is to protect the hair from dry air and cold weather. If wearing caps results in a flaky and itchy scalp, wear satin or silk to avoid frizz and static.

  • For natural moisturising, massage with warm coconut or avocado oil twice a week. Always use conditioner and leave-in mask after washing hair. Invest in good quality hair serums and leave-in conditioners/ masks. Avoid using products with too many ingredients.
  • Use humidifiers
  • Heaters and blowers may give us warmth against the cold weather, but they can be very harsh on our skin and hair in particular. Invest in a small humidifier for your bedroom or even for the office. Humidifiers restore the moisture content in the air which helps your hair tame dryness.

  • Eat healthy fats
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for our body and brain. Kinds of seafood (fishes, oysters, prawns), walnuts, soybeans, flax, chia seeds, and eggs are good sources of healthy fats and keep the hair thick and lustrous.

  • Trim frequently
  • Depending on your hair growth, trim off the ends every 2 months or so. This will keep the hair healthy, and reduce the risk of split ends and hair breakage.

  • Avoid going out with wet hair
  • Wet hair, in contact with cold air, can result in breakage and hair loss. Make sure to wrap wet hair in a soft cloth/towel for some time till excess water is absorbed, let them dry naturally and apply a good quality serum before going out. Cover hair completely to avoid catching cold and other infections.

    Drinks lots of water and eat healthy home-cooked food. For extra protection, use satin or silk pillowcases to avoid hair breakage during sleep.

    Follow these hair care tips regularly and flaunt beautiful lustrous locks throughout winters.

    Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors